The garden as a singularity.

THE garden of Eden is the human big bang. Therefore, it is a singularity of our history where our knowledge stumbles in the haze of its horizon. Both in that garden and in the beginning of the big bang, there is no time and that is why our logic is not very efficient to understand them. By studying Adam and Eve and the cone of past light, the language to describe them begins to have some similar terms.

Adam and Eve and the last cone of light
He started to cultivate the land

We read in Moses 5 a more detailed account than in Genesis about the departure of Adam and Eve from the garden. Or what is the same the beginning of time and human history. The one in the garden does not belong to us as such since it is exempt from time as a stage.

«… after I, God the Lord, had driven them out, Adam began to cultivate the land, and to exercise dominion over all the beasts of the field, and to eat his bread with the sweat of his face, as I, the Lord, had commanded and Eve, his wife, was also busy with him. «Moses 5: 1 )

In the following verses, their sons and daughters split apart and have offspring. They cultivate the land and have flocks. In 115 words it summarizes an indefinite period of time. There our difficulty begins to fit it with the history learned in school. The scriptures show us the past as if we were looking through an Urim and Tumin. A somewhat strange past compared to the history books. Just as Abraham’s astronomy is a different vision than the hubble telescope.

Adam and Eve in the mist

Adam and Eve and the last cone of light
Why do you offer sacrifices?

Adam and Eve began to experience the haze of history the day after leaving the garden. They no longer saw God but heard «… the voice of the Lord speaking to them in the direction of the Garden of Eden» ( 4 ) Once the child is revealed through the knowledge of the ordinances ( 6 ) the voice ceases from the garden.
Adam did not know the hidden meaning of the symbols. I saw things from one side only. As in the garden, he lacked that split of ingenuity to look behind situations. Deficiency compensated with the acuity of Eva.We get the impression of a sedentary Adam, farmer and rancher. When he offered sacrifices, he did not know why. And he did not have the habit of asking. The lack of questions in Adam are not new. No questions were asked in the garden either, Eva and more than one.
On the other hand, Adam’s firmness was great. He was not an easy opponent and forced Lucifer to vary the strategy used elsewhere. That unleashed a conflict that generated the need for the plan of salvation and the redeemer.

A past with unknowns

I suppose if some of his children asked him, before the angel, about the reason for the sacrifices, Adam could not answer. So that son, would observe that the science of his father ( 2 ), unlike Nephi, or the available scriptures (whatever his support) did not explain the reality he lived. The revelation of this knowledge in vesicle ( 6 ) comes «after many days» . Time that is usually quite long in the custom of the scriptures.Therefore, we see that shortly after leaving the garden, they already had a past with their unknowns. And that is precisely the nature of the Universe. That of hiding the past more, the farther we look.
At any moment in history, no matter how recent its beginning, the veil of oblivion is weaving little by little. The fog is covering what was familiar to us. To overcome the world is also to overcome forgetfulness.

Adam and Eve and the last cone of light

Adam and Eve and the last cone of light
Our ear has detected the past

THE cone of light passed in cosmology, are the past events that we can access from the point where we are. The light moves to 300,000 km / s. That results in the world we see and the observable universe. Which is not all there is.To understand it better, let’s refer to the sound. This moves to 340 m / s. If we only had the ear as a guide, our present would be everything that happens in 340 m around. A thunder to 1 km we can hear it in 2.9 seconds. A lightning at 5 km, would not be part of our life but after 14.7 seconds. In this case, our ear has detected the past not the present. Therefore, it has not helped us to understand our immediate and immediate reality. That is why the longer we take to hear something, the farther it has originated and the less relevant it will be for us.

The scriptures provide us with many sounds, details and stories that do not coincide with the haze of secular history, chromagnon, neardental, stone age, bronze etc. If Adam left the garden formed as a farmer and rancher, where does it fit into the story? The answer is: it does not fit.

Then we start to worry, and we do the same as with Abraham’s astronomy. That is, we put the Urim and Tumin of Abraham on Hubble’s lenses and mirrors. I have not seen more waste of time like that of that class. Although I recognize that it is a good training.

The dominion of Adam

IN the writings there is also the mist. The history of the more or less secular world links to the end of chapter 11 of Genesis. From there we move in places and times «friendly» with historians.

Adam and Eve and the last cone of light
My hand I put over my mouth

From that chapter back, there is a leap in extraordinary time. And it is not reflected in those chapters. Because the focus of the scriptures, even when it relates to creation, focuses on the use of the world, not on its understanding. Adam received «dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air and over all the beasts that move on the earth» ( Gen 1:26 ). He also had an account of creation but did not receive the mastery of his knowledge.

In the book of Job the Lord makes clear that lack of dominion when asking Job » Have you considered the extension of the earth? , If you know all this. « ( Job 38:18 ) After many such questions from Jehova, which is evident lack of mastery  and knowledge regarding Job creation, Job replies » Behold , I am insignificant; What will I answer? My hand I put on my mouth »  ( Job 40: 4 ).
Even though Job had had dominion over great riches on earth, he did not possess the knowledge about it.

Something strange

I have always seen with strangeness the efforts to couple the times of Genesis to the global scale of geological time. Something like sharpening the ear to hear the echoes of Adam and multiply them by 340 m / s to know what distance it is. But the result never matches the speed at which the story spreads. It does so by means as little conductive as random or fossil records . But the revelation is not transmitted in that medium, so his calculation is a strange matter.
Our little knowledge domain, which we share with Job, does not come to us through the disciplined scientific method. This method is within the cone of light of our past and moves within known speeds, including that of the disintegration of carbon 14.

Do you see?

We receive the revelation outside the cone of light. Nephi in chapter 13 talks to an angel.

«And the angel said to me: What do you see? And I said: I see many nations and kingdoms. And he said to me: These are the nations and the kingdoms of the Gentiles. « ( 1 Nephi 13: 2-3 )

Nephi is not listening to the thunder a mile away. His story to the historians of his time would seem out of reason. And they would be right. To us, unlike, it seems very successful, but our cone of light has already reached the vision and is part of our history. That is why prophecy and revelation can not be integrated as one more academic area. And they have to be studied in their own context, without forcing their fit with other forms of knowledge. We can not be admitted to the synagogues, even though we have worked on its construction!

His ways are not our ways.

«For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.» ( Isaiah 55: 8 )

With the property that the scriptures have of being fractals , we can continue to build with this thought a greater and equivalent structure to this truth expressed by Isaiah.

Adam and Eve and the last cone of light
… neither your ways my ways

Remembering our experience with the ear and the thunder we discussed before. Now we will analyze it more in depth.

Our situation.  We are at the observer point. Where the vertices of the past and future cone coincide. Our movement is upwards, towards the future, the past is behind us. Our present is the surface.
What affects us . Events outside the light cones, we can not know them, since there is a limit on the speed of light, just as with sound.
Universe lines . It’s the story from a particle to a person. And all this happens within the cones of light. For example, the black line called Event 1, can represent your life, dear reader. From the past to the present and navigating into the future.

The last cone of light . The night sky is in the last cone of light, the Sun is 8 light minutes in the last cone. The restoration to 188 years from my position. Accessing your knowledge requires studying your line within the last cone. Documents, photographs, testimonies etc. The farther back the signals are weaker. In fact we can never reach the end of the past in the Universe, at its beginning. Its signals would be of an unobservable wavelength. With the same story happens, the further back, more fog.

The prophecy

The revelation, does not follow that path. As we see in the lines of prophecy 1 and 2 (blue). His path is often outside our cone of light and brings us events disconnected from the normal line of the universe to which we are accustomed. Therefore it is not very practical to apply the daily ear to his words or the scientific method to his writings. The Lord knows all the trajectories of human events, even when they are not observable or even if the evidence of their past has been cut off.
The plates of the Book of Mormon are an example of the emergence of knowledge of a people without following their line of events within our cone of light. That is why it is so difficult for us to «explain» its existence without resorting to angels. True, there is evidence and testimony of his claims, but no evidence.

On the hill of Onida

Adam and Eve and the last cone of light
they have thrown us out of our synagogues

To try to demonstrate the reality of the revelation (Adam and Eve, gold plates, faith and a long etc.) by scientific methods, is to oppose being admitted to the synagogues of the Zoramites. We can rescue evidence and traces in the past to strengthen our faith. In fact it is an obligation to document the genealogy of the truth as far as we can. But the battle will continue.
A crowd went to look for Alma in Onida, not to hear the truth but …

«Because they have thrown us out of our synagogues, which we have built with so much work with our own hands; and they have cast us out because of our extreme poverty … «( Alma 32: 5 )

The saints of the last days and people of other beliefs, we participate in the construction of «synagogues» of knowledge. We are scientists, engineers, professors, astronauts, technicians, workers, artists, architects, students, mothers, children, military, priests, musicians, chemists, politicians … there is no academic area where we are not.
But when we talk about Christ and we rejoice in him. We leave our clothes and get dressed with those of faith . That in the eyes of the world they are poor.

To carry his cross is also to dress his clothes.