• Jesus Christ

    The agency, the coin in the mouth of the fish

    When the path of the earth was an empty road, he traced its course in deep space. Before the quarry of his matter began to form, he imagined its dimensions. He was already shining, before the first [...]
  • Plan of salvation

    The legal nuance of the plan of salvation

    As I get older my relationship with the gospel has been embracing the ages I have experienced. In the first, juvenile and combative, I armed myself in a candid and sincere way with desperate reasoning [...]
  • Gospel stories

    The saivor in the council of heaven

    Second part of the council of heaven . This article is an excerpt from the novel ” The palaces of Kolob “. At this moment El Salvador in the council of heaven will take the floor. Aribel (Lucifer) has been proposed to [...]
  • Faith

    The bridge from Onida

    The bridge from Onida starts from the reassuring shore that a “I believe”, the latter phrase that places us in the common ground of other beliefs and in that of assumptions. Personally there are aspects [...]
  • Plan of salvation

    The Only Begotten and our identity

    The identity of Moses In the Pearl of Great Price we find a significant scene about the importance of an identity, the Only Begotten. The book of Moses recounts his struggle to find and maintain an [...]
  • Gospel stories

    The council of heaven, Aribel proposal

    We are in the council of heaven. Dense beings are present, people exalted from previous cycles of creation. The leaders of Kolob attend the twenty-four houses. The great Gnolaum and his family preside over the council. In this first [...]
  • Plan of salvation

    The narrow door

    The narrow door in this last dispensation is in Section 132 of DyC. It was given to the church on July 12, 1843 in Nauvoo, Illinois. It presents the new and everlasting covenant, of marriage and within this [...]
  • Book of mormon

    The scriptures and Nephi, a model of progress

    I have always imagined Nephi as a restless young man who liked to play pranks in disguise. He must have practiced that ability before, perhaps imitating his brother Laman or his relative Laban. I think he did [...]
  • Reflections

    The disposition and the temple

    Attendance at the temples of Jesus Christ is the culmination of the blessings that have been restored in this gospel dispensation. However, the use of these visits can be much greater if we only consider our disposition and [...]