El peso del corazon
Jesus Christ

The weight of the heart

Antonio Roldán Cambil The weight of the heart Kilian Jornet, winner of the Hardrock, a very tough mountain race of 100 miles (more than 160 km). At km. 21 he dislocated a shoulder in a […]

Cosmology of the Gospel

The God of the little birds

I met the God of the Birds when I was a young electronics student. I walked 5 km every day to my study center, La Universidad Laboral. Living on the outskirts of Seville, I crossed […]

Jesus Christ

The miracle of Capernaum

In general, the chemistry of listening is slower than that of speaking. In fact, sometimes we have to ask a loquacious interlocutor to slow down his pace, because we do not follow him. It is not about […]