Abstract of chapter 5 of » The palaces of Kolob «. In this scene Kozam and Abiola, have an interview with their mother Jana. She is her heavenly mother, there in Kolob. Your first home in the heavens. Kozam is going to request to change house, to go with the mothers Silam, a strange and controversial request.

Kozam, accompanied by Abiola, meets Jana, queen of countless worlds, the mother and queen of the house Jana, director of the great expansion.

Entrance to the garden

After a door, which opened before the seal, we agreed to a colonnade. I could see perfectly the columns at the other end and because of the size of the ones next to me I could have … it is so difficult to choose the words to define the dimensions in my memories. The first thing I noticed is what they inspired. The columns were elegant and serious.
They were powerful, each of them honored its inhabitants. Its capitals do not resemble anything I have seen and can express. I only know that they were circular, only that is to say about their form. He had one in front of me to which I almost bowed in adoration.

Abiola, called my attention to a place in the central garden. Next to a tree with white flowers, next to a stream of slow water.

It was her Mother Jana.

My mother Jana

My Mother Jana is of medium height. Maybe one meter seventy. Her eyes were honey-colored and her hair, pulled back in a braid on her left shoulder was the color of her eyes. His high and protruding cheekbones. Almond eyes. His lips full and soft. Smooth and dark skin. His nose straight and somewhat broad in its end. His chin was thin. His forehead high and wide. Glowing intelligence and depth. To look at her was like looking into Kolob’s sky.

Up to the present, that memory makes me tremble with emotion like a leaf. No one can imagine how our interior burned before his presence. It was like a fire and we like dry leaves. She was like a light in the night and we moths that came to her presence. In an instant, everything changed for me. I forgot my desire to leave the Casa Jana. I wanted to stay by his side forever.

I could take care of your flowers or hide behind a tree and watch it go by. I would always be in that tree, I would count its white flowers in case one day I asked. I know how to count very well. I would count the columns and give them a name. I would invent a story for each of them, maybe one day I would ask. I would count the flowers in the garden every morning and I would name them, maybe one day I would ask for any of them.

I could go for water, maybe that stream would one day fall asleep, maybe she would ask me how I knew that would happen. And if I did not, I would be there like a tree or a flower. Without moving, still. She would not notice it. If I came by here, the doorkeeper would hide me.

I know how to do it very well. He would be a gardener of words or stories. I just wanted to be there, just to see her.

She looked at us smiling. His teeth showed like pearls, his eyes also smiled.

– His name is Oblishi. It is the column of reverence. He loves them to notice her. Come with me, I will tell you your story.

He extended both his hands to Abiola and me. I could touch it! How could that be?

The place

Mother Jana
The place

We were walking with her and I was beside her a little boy , consuming me with love. Almost melted by his smile. We were approaching a colonnade crowned with singing flowers with soft and piping voices. His colors brightened as we passed and celebrated our honor of walking with her.

The water that flowed like fine rain through the flowers was completely alive and transmitted colors and perfumes like an affectionate dew. I could not focus many things at once on my mind, because only the contemplation of this little detail of the scene totally saturated my capacity for understanding.

– When Oblishi did not have a name, he slept in the mountains of Kolob. I am Jana and I asked El Gran Gnolaum for a nice and beautiful place to walk with my children. As a good husband, he wanted to please me with sumptuous ponds and gardens and see them here. I asked him for a portico of columns to rest from the light of Kokaubean. They slept in the mountains and at one word they were waking up one by one. All of them took their place, so happy to be here and they were very obedient. All except Oblishi.

– Mother, why did not I want to come to this Oblishi place?

Abiola asked without fear, she was delighted, she did not seem to understand who she was talking to. Then Jana laughed and at that moment everyone was silent. The stream, the singing flowers and time. Such was his laughter that everything stopped to listen to her.

– Oblishi was waiting there in the mountains because he did not know his name …

As he said this he stopped and looked at Abiola with a funny smile and at the same time making sure he understood. He did it with great kindness and it was very difficult to believe that she was a Queen who exercised dominion in many worlds. A being to whom obedience was surrendered by pure admiration, without compulsion. Who could say no to someone like that? I thought. She did not need to be nice, but she was indescribable.

– … when Oblishi was called her name seemed so beautiful that she thought she could not be. And I’m waiting without knowing what to do. It was the Great Gnolaum, who at my request, sent his most trusted messenger, to let him know of our wait. We were so moved by his humility that we gave him the site of the entrance to the garden. In this way she enjoys the first look and communicates to the visitor that reverence in this place is what is expected.

The question of Abiola

I could not stay to tell stories, I could not imagine any like that. In addition, even the stone columns had them, because everything was there alive and my wit could only give, with difficulty, color to a single flower a day. I had forgotten the reason for my visit, La Casa de Silam, Corina, my doubts … everything had disappeared. I only knew that I wanted to stay there, with Oblishi. How lucky it was to be stone! I could not articulate my thoughts clearly, I was so saturated with his presence that I could only admire her.

Then Abiola, like a little neophyte, asked without fear.

– Mother Jana, why does Kozam want to leave home?

He must have offended me that Abiola question, that intrusion. But not in that place, there it was impossible. He did it with such innocence and affection, that it broke my soul again. I wanted to hug her and tell her that I was not going, that I was going to become a gardener, I would learn to be the best.

Our mother looked at Abiola with such sweetness that she did not think it possible that the features of a face could convey such a thing. Did she already know what I was going to ask for? If he knew, why did not he get angry like Bujan?

– Come

Mother Jana
They are the bravest.

He took us to the stream. How could I feel jealous of a stream? At a gesture of his hand, its slow waters began to run and gurgle, splashing its banks. He was proud to do it so well, to serve. Actually he did quite well. I realized that I could not replace it with my buckets of water. My possibilities were running out.

– Look at those droplets that escape the current. Can you see them? – we nodded silently – They are the most daring. They leave where others feel safe and jump to an uncertain destination. But look, the flowers around drink from them. Those drops are very brave. They travel to faraway places to cool off with their water.

– Our Kozi is one of them.

Then I cried for the first time. I did not know I could do it. It was a skill I had hidden and I did not know. I was one of those drops. She told me. The most incredible being I could imagine, I knew my family name, Kozi. She stopped that day in the middle of her power and told me the story of Oblishi. He told me he was brave. She was my mother and she took me by the hand in the most beautiful garden that can be conceived.

– But, I do not want to leave anymore. I want to be here always by your side … I want …

I was saying take care of your gardens. But I realized, that there everyone obeyed with passion.

The light of Kokaubean

– Kozi and you too Abiola. Look at the light of Kokaubean. Tell me, what do you think?

We could look directly, without any problem. Kokaubean’s light had a bluish hue. He was a young, impetuous star and his time was linked to Kolob. The creation of the stars was something I would miss. Even though I did not intervene directly, I was passionate about talking to Telim. He was in a section that fit this job.

– It’s bright and bluish – I replied.

– Very good Kozi, few see that blue tone hidden in its brightness. You are a good observer.

Mother Jana
When you look at a star everything else disappears

From this moment I would strive to be the best observer of all Kolob. Maybe I could stay in that garden as an observer. I would answer all your questions.

– What do you see more?

– Nothing else – answered Abiola –

She came to our back carefully, she seemed not to want to interrupt us in our observation. He placed one hand on my shoulder and the other on Abiola’s. Then he whispered in our ears, as if he did not want to disturb us. His tenderness towards two among billions. His soft voice caressed our soul like a breeze.

– When you look at a star everything else disappears. We can not see anything else. The day Kokaubean was born, Kolob had been in the dark, alone with starlight, for a long time, waiting for light and heat. Its mountains were empty, its water hidden, its creatures waited in the dark ocean of intelligence. Kolob was impatient to be inhabited, he had already proved to be a very obedient planet. We told him: «Patience.»

He wanted his star, but he had to wait.
At first, Kokaubean, began to glow with a timid reddish glow, almost no heat reaching the surface of Kolob. Little by little its light was becoming clearer, but its dull glow did not illuminate the plains and valleys of our world. Kolob told us «it’s not enough». We smiled and said «Be patient».

But one day, suddenly, a colossal heartbeat exploded in the sky, a glow ran through Kolob from one end to the other. The most beautiful blue and white light we had seen surrounded us and then we sang the song prepared for the birth of a star. It was our first star. Kolob our first home, far from our house, where we were born. There were no arcs as of now. There was not this garden. Neither you nor Abiola were there.

The day I shine. We could not see anything else and Kolob could not do anything, just look at his white and blue light. And so, admired, he could not ask for anything more.

When you look at a star you can only see it, nothing else. If you stay with me always, you will never see anything else, because I am Jana, I made Kolob. I imagined its brightness. You must leave Casa to create your own star. How will you call her?

Departure to Silam

I’ve been thinking, not because of the name. I already knew what I would call him, but for what he was telling me, for how he told me, for his voice that flowed like a waterfall behind my head.

Mother Jana
I am Jana, I made Kolob

– My star will be called Jana.

Then he turned to me and looked me in the eyes. Although rather I rushed to his as the rain to the earth.

– Kozi, when you go to The House of Mother Silam, will you make a flower for me? If you want, you will put my name and you will not have to wait to make a star.

I would not be the gardener of that place. Not one more tree. I would not hide in a corner to see it happen. I had a mission. I would look for the most beautiful flower I could learn to make and before the bow was completed I would pass in front of the gatekeeper, I would say: «I’m going to see my mother, I bring something just for her» He would let me pass . And in this garden in front of Oblishi, I would give it to him.
Then she would hear me tell the story of that flower and she would be as proud of me as of the stream or Oblishi.

– Yes Madre Jana, what color do you want it?

The three of us laugh at my answer. I was not able to build a more elaborate thought than that.

– Could I one day have as many stories as you to tell?

Abiola asked with such confidence, that it amazed me. I could not do it like that. I think that Oblishi, the column of reverence had affected me completely.

My mother Jana, turned her neck gracefully and her bright braid fell on her right shoulder. He smiled at Abiola and me, squinting his beautiful almond-shaped eyes, with a mischievous look, leaving them in a line through which his pupil could be seen as bright as a dawn.

He extended his hands again and addressed us

– Come, I’ll give you your first story. We are going to visit The Great Gnolaum, your Father.

I have never been able to rescue memories of the house of the Great Gnolaum. My memory always stayed there, walking from his hand in that indescribable colonnade. I have never been able to reach further and sometimes I wait for something to arise in my mind and take me further away from that garden. But always by your hand … »

The palaces of Kolob