Plan of salvation

The fur tunic

Back in 1978, I was studying telecommunications electronics at the Universidad Laboral de Sevilla. One of our subjects was physics and chemistry. And in it I came across its second term: chemistry. Far from being […]

Plan of salvation

The narrow door

The narrow door in this last dispensation is in Section 132 of DyC. It was given to the church on July 12, 1843 in Nauvoo, Illinois. It presents the new and everlasting covenant, of marriage and within this […]


The disposition and the temple

Attendance at the temples of Jesus Christ is the culmination of the blessings that have been restored in this gospel dispensation. However, the use of these visits can be much greater if we only consider our disposition and […]

Plan of salvation

The endowment of the temple

Endowment, or Investiture is a word that comes from the Latin investire, which means conferring a position or dignity to a person. The prefix in, suggests dressing that person with clothes, when occupying that important […]