El peso del corazon
Jesus Christ

The weight of the heart

Antonio Roldán Cambil The weight of the heart Kilian Jornet, winner of the Hardrock, a very tough mountain race of 100 miles (more than 160 km). At km. 21 he dislocated a shoulder in a […]

Cosmology of the Gospel

Charon and the light of Christ

The light of Christ enlightens every man who comes into the world, he also enlightened the Greeks. In his mythology we find Charon and in his history a semblance of something else that is seen. […]

Jesus Christ

The miracle of Capernaum

In general, the chemistry of listening is slower than that of speaking. In fact, sometimes we have to ask a loquacious interlocutor to slow down his pace, because we do not follow him. It is not about […]