The geometry of the gospel

The time in the restoration

The geometry of the gospel
memory evokes a pillar of light

As we advance in the time of restoration, the sacred grove goes farther, but we all need to go back to the place where it all started. Each member, each elect, needs to experience the emotion of that morning of 1820. In this way, memory evokes a pillar of light. It gives us consistency before a present that devours everything. The extinction of time, is the main victim of our time. Reflecting on the events of restoration situates the experience of discipleship in the geometry of the gospel. It protects you from our modern Saturn, devourer of events and memories.
This current man of short memory, finds difficulty in differentiating an eternal turn of the ephemeral movements in the flat world where he lives. A world surrounded by the horizon of death.

When King Mosiah gathered his people to read the annals of Zeniff, ( Mosiah 25 ) the power of memory was evident.
When they heard, admiration and amazement ( 7), when they saw they felt … ( 8 ) when they thought they were filled … ( 9 ) when they thought they raised their voices and gave thanks ( 10 ) when they thought they were filled with pain … ( 11 )
All these movements , of a soul moved, lived by the Nephites, were alien to their present. Thus we, detained in our industry, using written memory, claim the knowledge of which we are banished in our fallen state.
Being that time only flows into the future and its movement accelerated. The recent past becomes arcane. Feeling the emotions of the old town of Zeniff, requires stopping and remembering. Admiration, amazement, thinking, pain and gratitude.

In T and in -T

The geometry of the gospel
Kirtland, April 3, 1836.

The space of the restoration rather than advancing in time (T), requires deploying a growing volume that fills the past, the present and the future. It is an expansion with the power to act in acting on T and -T. In this way each saint can recall the annals of his own Zeniff. Bring out those records, and meet those devoured by forgetfulness and then: admire, amaze, think, condole and thank.
That effective power of evocation delivered in Kirtland, on April 3, 1836.

In this way the fullness of the gospel is a fulfillment also of its form. It is linked more to the spheres than to flat worlds like ours. To the eternal turns that to the straight lines. Like the truth, «… is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself» ( D & C 93:30 ). The restoration, belonging to the spheres, is also so, and that is why its geometry involves some difficulty if we do not consider the angle of faith.
That is why for the one who has faith in Christ, the circle of death is not the end of a flat life. For those who have faith, death is the proof of the curvature of a spherical plan of salvation.

«And it came to pass that Ether did prophesy great and marvelous things unto the people, which they did not believe, because they saw them not.» ( Ether 12: 5 )

The space in the restoration.

The geometry of the gospel
the sextant of the soul constantly calculates its derivation

In Lehi’s dream, all distances and their paths are based on the tree of life. It is the meridian of position and time of its characters. Even the large and spacious building, even when high above the ground, is facing the tree. At a distance where you can guess the poses, not the words, of your tenants.

Those who leave the perimeter of the tree or the gospel are out. But they are not alien. Even though they may not be aware, the soul sextant constantly calculates its drift from the fruit of the tree. His position will always be in reference to Christ and to the love that he pours out and that they once tried. Like a cricket in the night you will remember what is desirable to be happy.
Personally, as far as I am from the inveterate rectitude of my youth, it is more and more difficult for me to boast about something. Obliged in many aspects to be humble or to seem it, I consider the absent, my fellow citizens in Zion. Perhaps in the periphery of the activity, but with those who take their distance from the coast having Christ as a reference.

Those who crossed the river

The geometry of the gospel
they start from him as a compass rose

Others, who crossed the boundary and entered the building, after tasting the fruit. Those who point fingers of derision to those who were once their classmates. Stranded in the spacious rooms of the world, they show the metric equivalence between the derision of their gestures and the distance to their ancient inheritance in Israel.

Therefore, the latitude and longitude of all of us is centered in Christ for the rest of our life. And all the emotions and calculations, even the hostile, depart from him as a compass rose. And just as the history of the world has its birth center. All of our biographies will be one before we meet him AC and one after testing his DC fruit. So even the rebels will be guided by that moment when they accepted the special calendar of his presence.

Therefore, even derision testifies of the source of all justice.

The expansion

As the restoration expands , in the visible and invisible spectrum, into the future and into the past, we live a more extensive gospel. We do not live the gospel from a sector, nor from the day we accept it. We do it in its entirety.

From our position we observe how their borders move away from our local beliefs. We see how it conflicts with worlds that we thought were alien and we fear for their integrity. By thinking that it is ours, we believe that the

The geometry of the gospel
the believer, trusts in carrying the uncertainty

The strength of its borders has to do with our beliefs. But restoration is a creature, the work of his hands, «clear as the moon, and fair as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners.» ( D & C 5:14 )

Like the observer of an expanding universe, we see in the past of the church and the cosmos events that we do not understand. Nebulae of dust that hide the light, Singularities alien to the laws of our moment. They cause us uneasiness. However, just as the astronomer expects a future explanation, the believer trusts in carrying with it the uncertainty of continuing to admire that which «… shines, lights [it], [comes] through the one who enlightens [its] ] eyes, and it is the same light that vivifies [his] understanding], »  ( D & C 88; 11 )

Thus, enduring doubt and incomprehensibility, the disciple increases the reach of the eye of his faith, searching the depths of an expansive gospel. That obeys a plan and not our prejudices.

Fill the earth

Therefore, filling the whole earth requires expanding the heart in order to love and understand «And also [see] its inhabitants; and that there [is not] a single soul that we do not [see]; and discern them by the Spirit of God; and great [is] their numbers were great, even numberless as the sand upon the sea shore.»  ( Moses 1:28 )

Distinguishing men like Moses did, requires abandoning the local spirit, of a flat gospel. Those past dimensions, taught by a lesser god.

Our navigation

The geometry of the gospel
To sail is to let go

To sail is to let go, to trust in the stars and the Sun. To trust in the guide and not in the fears. No good sailor has dreaded the horizon.
The restoration of the gospel offers us a strange map. It commands us to seek a kingdom that does not exist in our world. Understanding that map requires using new words such as faith, hope, testimony, spirit. Words proscribed in the flat world. We have to release the ties of a common sense of everyday use. This sense gives us everything necessary to live in this world.

However the saints give «… to Caesar what is of Caesar and to God what is God’s» being that both are in different worlds, to do this it is required to bend our mind in a way that «we are in the world but we are not of the world « acquiring in that process the flexibility of a tree rather than the rigidity of a spacious building. He already teaches us that his path is straight with an » eternal turn «.
Those torsions in our language and understanding help us to be born again. To be born and emulate his voice and acquire his understanding. Therefore without a test of faith, it is mineralized into dead beliefs.

The geometry of the gospel

To receive his gospel requires «to prepare the minds of the children of men, or to prepare their hearts to receive the word »  ( Alma 16:16) . Moses «… plainly taught to the children of Israel in the wilderness… but they hardened their hearts » ( D & C 84: 23-24 ) The effort to prepare the mind of the people was constant, it almost took an eighth day of creation to separate the light of darkness in the mind of Israel.

The geometry of the gospel
Eratosthenes, he was in the world, but he was not of that world

A similar change occurred in the mind of the human being to conceive a spherical earth. In the year 280 BC Eratosthenes wondered why on June 21 at the same time objects do not project shade in Sienne and yes in Alexandria at 790 km. Thus Eratosthenes, was in the world, but was not of that world. He saw in the shadows a light that manifested hidden mysteries.

Confronting Eratosthenes’ thought with a flat mentality produces questions such as: If the earth is a sphere. Why do not those who are under me fall?
You need a special math to understand it. In the same way those who approach the gospel with a flat and local mind ask: if God exists, why does he allow evil in the world? and so they remain with their horizons, and in their superstitions. Thinking that after the border of death, we will fall into a dark abyss where nothing exists.
Did you know this old legend dear reader?

Preparing the mind,  to receive the word therefore, requires being willing to bend us. To be in the world and not be of the world. To be a habitual visitor of faith and reason. And in that line, acquire the necessary tension to seek a kingdom that is not of this world.

Scanning the world

The saints of the last days, being in the world, we must strive to look at it correctly.
We owe it to Kant, the lucidity of his thought when he tells us
«Two things fill the spirit of admiration and respect, always new and growing … the starry sky that is above me and the moral law that is in me» (Critique of practical reason ) And giving testimony tells us  «Just as a face is beautiful because it reveals the soul, so the world is beautiful because through it a God is seen».

The geometry of the gospel
The geometry of the gospel

We must remember the words of Alma:

«… what evidence have ye that there is no God, or that Christ cometh not? I say unto you that ye have none, save it be your word only. « ( Alma 30:40 )

Understanding the world and the advanced geometry of the plan of salvation requires intrepidity . The one that Alma had before the powerful reasonings of Korihor. When he demands a signal, Alma answers him

«… all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator. « ( 44 )

Like Eratosthenes, Alma sees in the shadows, the light of hidden mysteries. This dispensation unfolds in a flat world, where thought becomes increasingly uniform. The same myths that were in the past now return with other clothes.
The geometry of the gospel elevates the saints from that perspective. It teaches us to bend our mind to understand the advanced geometry of the one who walks straight in an eternal turn.

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