Interview with Carolo. A perceptive without form

We are in premortal life. Kozam a son of mother Jana has left his original home to move to the Silam lineage. There he has the opportunity to have an interview with Carolo, a perceptive without form.

A shapeless perceptive is a child of God (Great Gnolaum) who voluntarily renounces acquiring a physical body. In that nature he receives the power and the assignment to represent the lineage of the Father before other lineages. In that condition, he accumulates knowledge and experience of unattainable worlds for others. All your knowledge and knowledge will accompany you in your existence. They are wells of wisdom.
Kozam knows that if he agrees to meet him, he will not be able to return to his mother Jana’s house.

The arrival of Carolo

Interview with Carolo
Looking at his eyes was a test of temperance

The perceptive without shape had form. Human of course, however, I immediately perceived what might be called a different aura. He was someone alien to our world and yet coming from this one. If I said that sweet sweetness flooded me, I would lie, but I can not find another description of what I experience when I observe it.

Here he could resemble a dusty and experienced traveler who exudes a veteranism that makes him unfazed by our affairs that shake and move us. A remoteness without premeditation and even in spite of his kind gestures, did not hide an effort in that worked composure.

He wore the attire of the Tinabi house and yet his distant origin could be felt because his expression had not been sculpted by the landscapes of Kolob but by the passage of eternity in places inaccessible to us. To look at their eyes was a proof of temperance, they had seen the unnameable, they were steely, they had left our world and traveled distances that could not be pronounced. And still he was looking for something from us.

The host made a small presentation of Carolo and gave him the floor.

— Thank you, my friends, for the warmth of your company. Consider me one of you, even though the path I chose deviates from yours. Even so we serve the greatest, the Great Gnolaum, whose glory and honor is known in endless worlds of which you know nothing. Believe me if I tell you that we should consider ourselves the most fortunate to be counted in their lineage whatever the house to which we belong.

His words were almost like a whisper, however, they were clear and well pronounced. They were more like a breeze, not eager to get very far, however they lashed the soul, because it was perceived that they were carrying true affirmations. He continued talking and little by little he took a more relaxed attitude, like the one that wakes up and slowly acquires the rhythm of wakefulness.

— From the last time we saw each other, I traveled a lot and in depth. Your company has fond memories and it gives me back the warmth of home. From what I see our group has grown and I am not the only visitor.

Kozam introduces himself

Interview with Carolo
My name is Kozam, I’m from Casa Jana, fourth was

Everyone turned to me and I had to introduce myself. I did it awkwardly, the occasion was unprecedented and I did not know the rules practiced with someone like that.

— My name is Kozam, I’m from Casa Jana, fourth age. Access School. I am an Alterator teacher and I am in this group as a guest by Mother Silam.

Carol o scrutinized me as if I were two steps beyond where I was, I was tempted to look back. A few moments later he exclaimed making his breath whistle, like a whisper, but it came clearly to everyone.

— Wow! Our friend has a form, but he is not comfortable in it.

They were moments when time stopped. That phrase contained my situation but nobody, nor myself, would have known how to evoke it. Because if something had that individual, it was power of evocation in what he said. It brought to my mind my maladjustment to the way of living or accepting the common, of not adjusting to the vision that was expected of me.

Carolo had no shame in leaving his gaze fixed on me or something behind me that I was unable to see. And in sustaining that silence after his words, he apparently did not practice human conversation with assiduity. I therefore appreciated the intervention of Misón.

The trips of Carolo

— Dear Carolo, we are the ones who are grateful for your visit, you are for us the look and the journey that nobody is able to realize, the kindness that you demonstrate to share your experiences honors us.

Interview with Carolo
The dark sea is common to all outer lineages

I thought someone was going to start asking questions, but I sensed that they admired him too much to do something so common. It was Carolo who started talking.

— Misón, my friend …

I hoped he would not talk to me in those terms. I was thrilled to hear that cold phrase like the stars.

— … my trips are lonely, I can not take anyone with me. The dark sea is common to all external lineages, which, like the Great Gnolaum, draw from that black darkness the wonder of form and consciousness. His works have no end, but the form of his creatures is similar. Obey their form since it is their father. However, the external lineages are many and not all the same …

Celem got up and with bright eyes and asked.

— Where have you been this last time?

Carolo seemed to enjoy it, not just the question but the enthusiasm with which Celem made it. She officiated as a lump maker.

—Your question is like a bright flame before my eyes. Nobody has done it for a long time. Thanks, Celem.

Carolo seemed to need us as much or more than us. The intervention of Celem seemed to give his face a more rounded expression, not so angular and perhaps some color to his cheeks. It gave the impression of being warmed by a fire.


— … I have been in external lineages, the last one is Sigroom. It does not sound like that in its heavy atmosphere, but it’s the closest thing I can say to its original sound. To see repeat with me Sigrrroommm …

Interview with Carolo
The cloudy skies in Kadeth

It was something that I did not expect, the group tried to make that word sound like it came from Carolo’s lips and that provoked laughter and an approach of all to that singular being. I felt relaxed myself and began to be comfortable in his presence. His appearance or rather his form was becoming more and more … human. The whistling voice of a beginning began to take consistency, more solid and familiar. The less monotonous intonation.

— The Sigroom lineage lives in a world of six aspects or dimensions and these aspects coincide with its premises. That is to say, its moral and physical space are the same. Your world is defined by height, width, length, time, obedience and pulse. If you were an inhabitant of the cloudy skies in Kadeth, which is your world, your obedience to the premises, would alter the perception and the relationship with space and time.

The pulse is the quality of the intentions and if it is sustained, it is able to maintain the situation to which obedience leads. They are complicated worlds at first, but then they give a great variety of individuals who live different lives on the same planet ….
When someone from Sigroom’s lineage is born in a dense place …

Carolo paused. He looked at Celem with tender affection, as an older brother would come home.

— … Yes, my little Celem … the challenge of dominating the dense places is the same in all the lineages … when they are born in that place they already have the ability to move in space like the wind. His time, as well as for Silam’s creations, revolves around a slowly flowing present and that which they observe in the second person. It is strange, but they have a projection of themselves to which they take as reference and call it the explorer. It is the mirror image of themselves and is not endowed with consciousness, it simply shows them the present that flows from their obedience and pulse.

Celem seemed confused, like all of us, and asked again what we all wanted to know.

—  Carolo I do not understand, then, how they live and what they obey tell us an example of what you tell us.

The strange world of Kadeth

Carolo paused before answering, seemed to search within himself for some way of explaining something outside of our experience.

Interview with Carolo
Yes my little Celem

— For that, dear Celem, I have to compare, you can not see the depth with only one eye. And to compare requires a care similar to that they had when showing us the light of Kokaubean for the first time, after we left the dark window

I noticed that Carolo spoke with a familiar air, but from a position of maturity, It gave the sensation of the brother who returns on a cold night home and who sits next to a pleasant fire in the heat of the company, telling stories of his travels.

—  Here in Kolob and in our destiny in dense places we all live the same reality and time. We will perceive all things in a similar way. There will be uniformity in time. This pergola, which our host Partal, so well manages, will be part of our common experience and the history of this house. It will have nothing to do with our decisions because that moral dimension affects only our soul, not the shape of our reality. On the other hand our premises are fixed in advance, position, hope and focus are crystallized in the dense places for our lineage. Once you get there, they will be there. It would be very difficult to modify them, almost impossible.

Walk your blue and cold look for those of us who were there. I wanted to make sure that we were all in agreement with his exhibition. However, it passed through our soul like a cold breeze reminding us of the faraway place its words were blowing.

The six axes of Kadeth

Interview with Carolo
They bulge like the inside of the stars

— … In Kadeth you have three more axes. Of the six axes, two of them are dominated at the will of their inhabitants and affect the other four. They do not all live the same experience as we do here in Kolob or where you go in the future. Their lives can be imagined as segments of an orange or grains of a pomegranate. Each segment is the reality that is perceived for a concrete obedience. The persistence of living in that segment or reality is achieved with the pulse or discipline of a trained will.

Each obedience linked to its corresponding pulse offers you a space and a time of your own. That is to say, a world. You must not assume that these propositions of worlds are stable. That is where your test lies. Bullen as the interior of the stars, as volcano lava.

They just like you do not retain anything of what they lived in their first state and must look for their perfect place. They must find obedience and strength for the pulse that makes them recognize in dense places, which is the world that corresponds to them. They must decide and choose between their inner voice and the infinite possibilities of living.

Partal took note of what was being talked about, of the proposals. If at some point someone asked something not agreed, intervene to stop the interview. It had never been recorded that a host had to remove the word to a perceptive. Quebel, Celem’s partner in the opposite wing was also a lump-uper, raised his hand to speak. Partal gave him the floor.

The test in Kadeth

— Then Carolo, it would be very easy to try different obediences until you find the right world.

Carolo smiled openly and was becoming more and more similar to us. He looked closer and closer. He addressed Quebel.

— You see, Quebel, not a hundred thousand lives could rush all the possibilities that give you obedience and the pulse in Kadeth. Also, in most of them you would be alone in a wild and solitary world.

— Sometimes I would like to.

Tercio Caliandro, a great formator of the Misón group. Everyone laughed heartily. Caliandro stood out above all and sometimes told us he had to pull us as if we were stone trunks.

— But think – Carolo answered – that many of them choose to wander from one place to another without building anything in their lives. Unattached, What initially seduces them, by making them feel free, over time consumes them in a bonfire of passion to experiment and try. The passion for perception never ends. They do not cease to perceive themselves, as works of art in those variable worlds and when they decide they go down and dwell where they want. They are pilgrims always in a strange land.

The end of time

Interview with Carolo
what’s left but to hurry until the last moment when he closes the arch
I felt at that moment that deep down, Carolo was describing himself. An uncomfortable silence settled in the room open on all sides to the landscapes of Kolob. No matter how distant the focus was, the details came clearly. The tenuous atmosphere carried plains and reliefs, ridges and hollows. Colors that seemed scattered by a neglected painter up there. I felt hurt in the depths of me, why lose everything. Why did all this work? Was not it enough proof to know how to be a loser from the beginning and still move forward maintaining the composure and support for the premises? Was not that strange thirst to perceive the one that sustained the life of each creature in the dense places?And I encouraged myself to ask

— And what do you have left but to hurry all possibility of experimenting until your time is over?

And in that moment I realized that I also described my life in a single question. As well as Carolo, as I believed hers.

— Yes, Kozam … what is left but to hurry until the last moment when he closes the arch. I have never met a perceptive with form and now I have one in front of me.

Misón realizing that the conversation could lead to personal matters intervened. And with good sense, because I fit the comment, feeling touched in each word. Carolo’s ability to penetrate the soul with a look was surprising and uncomfortable.

The end of the ages

— And tell us, Carolo, as they are the end of the ages in other lineages, there is as much debate as here. You know that even Bisnan had to leave his golden tower to clarify the points.

Partal got up to moderate Misón in the question, because it gave doors to enter into untouchable issues, as were the details of the ends of eras in the lineages. However Carolo raised his hand, implying to Partal that he understood his alarm and that he should not worry.

— I heard from Bisnan, and from his knowledge in the Tinabi house, master of premises. But Misón, you did not say well, Bisnan has not clarified points. He has defended them and that always happens at each end of the age. The spirits tremble like leaves, the eyes shine like the stars of the bow of Mani. The big ones give themselves to their knowledge and everyone thinks they understand what is best. Each era has its birth between pains and everyone has to decide.

I, somewhat wounded by the accuracy of his previous words took the opportunity.

Knowing Carolo

Interview with Carolo
The light of Kokaubean began to beat its crystalline waters

— Except you, Carolo, you do not tremble like a leaf, and your eyes shine but with the metallic shine of those who observe and do not get involved. You, perceptives without form have renounced pain, your vision is comfortable …

Everyone looked at me with astonished eyes, apparently it had broken something. Partal intervened rising sharply.

— Kozam, as host, I want you to consider your comments. Carolo has not come to be judged. And less for someone who welcomes the hospitality of Silam.

Carolo smiled in a relaxed way. And that was starting to bother me, my inability to reach some fiber of that strange traveler.

— Partal … Partal. My friend. Our friend Kozam just wants to play, he wants to touch me to see what I’m made of

He got up and turned his back on us. He looked towards Irreantum and how the light of Kokaubean began to beat its crystalline waters. They danced in the distance the waves twinkling in that indescribable scene. Our mind resurfaced every morning like Kolob, never to get used to the wonder of that world, so the renunciation was so painful.

Carolo’s past

Interview with Carolo
Primabel was an inexhaustible source

— I belonged to the Tinabi house, like Bisnan, but I was before him. I was one of the first along with the greats, like Aribel or Miguel. My brother Primabel was assigned as a perceptive without form for a time, as part of his training.

Carolo seemed far away, his voice was self-absorbed, lacking any defense.

— In those days we were few and we shared everything. We rejoiced in knowledge and Primabel was an inexhaustible source for an avid mind like mine. His stories of the infinite congealed in my soul like the rays of our star in the leaves of Osimlibna inflaming in me a perfect desire to reach that freedom of knowledge. I knew my mother Tinabi and her tenderness and love were the only things that bound me to this world …

Then I realized that I was different in a certain way, I understood that I was able to renounce everything in exchange for freedom outside of Home. But I also understood that freedom was chiseled in ice and that grabbing it required renouncing my form and my house … my mother Tinabi. I still see his eyes looking at me and staying inside me forever. That pain accompanied me like a dagger until I lost the shape she gave me when I went through the window.

He stopped for a moment, and I imagined him immersed in that scene while looking at Irreantum.

The loneliness of the perceptive without form

— Now I travel like a spark of his greatness through solitary spaces. I leave your presence to bind the worlds to proclaim your greatness in dark places. I cross the dark without shape like a firefly creating bridges of light among the lineages, ambassador of the honor of my Father.

We are intelligences that shine where there is nothing, reaffirming that even in nothing there is hope and light. We are the fulfillment of the covenant that claims light in the deepest darkness. It is a requirement of the dark, he needs a flame, even in places where there is nothing.

The light that illuminates the immensity of space. I have seen lineages ascend from the dark ocean to rise to levels of unparalleled knowledge. I have also seen them fall and vanish again in that dark water from which they departed and be embraced by the dark ocean avidly

Partal was visibly upset and we all knew that something was happening

The visions of eternity

Interview with Carolo
They were alone, in nothingness, in perfect solitude

— I have seen births of lineages, of which I can not even pronounce his name from this form and in this atmosphere. They were alone, in nothingness, in perfect solitude but with the light they carried within them as the only lamp. I have seen them sing their song for the first time and then see the matter bloom like spikes in the field. It came to them like bees to the flower, like moths in the light and present their obedience as the first offering at their feet.

We are there, always present, with the steely gaze of those who are not involved, but we have to cross the nothingness to be even in the dark. Because it is necessary to testify of the light even from the same darkness. It is a requirement of the pacts that we fulfill, nobody else can do it. And I assure you that no one with your form would be able to do it. For a single glance at the depths of nothingness would leave in your soul the terrible impression of the totally inert. You would be hurt forever, because there are things that should not be seen. Unless you’re willing to leave everything.

All lineages have to face the challenge of witnessing to the inertness that only before light and intelligence is obedience to be rendered and they show the path of creation, which leads to the path of dissolution ….

… if Kozam, it is true, that to a certain extent we are observers. And I say to a certain extent, because I am bound to the Great Gnolaum forever and my destiny is his, that is, greatness in the empty spaces. For that, renounce everything, to have progeny, to inherit thrones to have a companion. To the hug of my mother.

The challenge of Carolo

Interview with Carolo
Would you be willing?

Carolo suddenly turned to us. His countenance acquired again the distant and distant aspect of a principle. I walk towards me, and a few steps later I throw a question that fills me with fear.

— Would you be willing?

I would have preferred at that moment to find myself away from there. I was fascinated by his story and at the same time filled with fear because I was trembling at the thought that at that moment an answer, whatever it was, marked my destiny. Moments before, thick clouds had formed around me. I was not sure of anything and nothing answered. Carolo guessed my confusion and turned again towards the horizon that little by little closed the sky against the earth.

— My mother Tinabi, she never held me back. She knew before I would leave one day and did not want to tie me to her side. Up to that point he loves me.


Excerpt from the novel  «The palaces of Kolob» . In the next chapter we will know what happens in the closing of the arch. That is, the time before the council of the heavens, the departure to earth.
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