Israel fights the twelve apostles of the Lamb

From the eleventh chapter of the first Nephi, we received one of the most important revelations to understand our present and the meaning of the events that surround us. Declares something surprising, Israel fights the twelve apostles of the lamb.
In these chapters recounts the restoration and recollection of Israel. But also the environment where the adversary operates in its own recollection. The use of its forces and how its influence meanders in the great and abominable from one form to another over the centuries .

The house of Israel in the present times is not located in a particular nation or group. But extends throughout the earth. The salt of the parable was thrown out, to collect it is impossible, therefore the Lord lifts the children of Abraham from the stones and  grants his citizenship to all those who repent and baptize for those who are ordained.

The dispersed and confused Israel

Therefore the cause of Zion covers the whole earth and not just a city or tribes as in antiquity. We can read in 1 Nephi 10:12 «… they should be compared like unto an olive tree, whose branches should be broken off and should be scattered upon all the face of the earth   This new stony and uncarved Israel is being called the multitudes of the earth, those that the Jews despised and of which the savior said «… for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham « ( Matthew 3: 9 ).

It is the power of the covenant with Abraham that produces that miracle when he says» shall all the families of the earth be blessed, even with the blessings of the Gospel, which are the blessings of salvation, even of life eternal.» (Abraham 2:11) and that through his priesthood, not only of his blood.

It is important to read these chapters having this idea of ​​universal Israel in mind, that way you understand much better next thing we’re going to read, a verse that for a long time disconcerted me.

Israel fights the twelve apostles of the Lamb
The multitudes of the earth were gathered today

A contradiction?

«And the multitude of the earth was gathered together; and I beheld that they were in a large and spacious building, like unto the building which my father saw.
And the angel of the Lord spake unto me again, saying: Behold the world and the wisdom thereof; yea, behold the house of Israel hath gathered together to fight against the twelve apostles of the Lamb «
 (1 Nephi 11:35)

The house of Israel has gathered to fight against the twelve apostles of the Lamb, is not this an oxymoron, a contradiction in the same statement of the phrase? It seems … but it is not. It is not because Israel is confused and resides in the large and spacious building «And the large and spacious building, which thy father saw, is vain imaginations and the pride of the children of men» (1 Nephi 12:18)

This is the situation of Israel, confused, gathered in that building that symbolizes the world and sharing tastes, behaviors. And what is more dangerous the language that dominates those who live in that building. It is important to analyze these multitudes because that will give us an idea of ​​how Israel fights the scattered apostles today. 
In 1 Nephi 8 , Lehi describes the multitudes of that building, or the confused Israel that fights the Lamb and describes them highlighting several details.

The crowds of Israel

«And it was filled with people, both old and young, both male and female; and their manner of dress was exceedingly fine; and they were in the attitude of mocking and pointing their fingers towards those who had come at and were partaking of the fruit.» ( 1 Nephi 8:27 )

Israel fights the twelve apostles of the Lamb
Pointing with finger of derision
  1. The generations of Israel were in the same place. They shared the same dress and the same language, corroborating these details, the fusion of different generations of people. The sections between generations, far from being negative, outline. The ages and their aspects and associate them with the ages of man.
    In the building there are people of all ages and sex, but stripped of their time and the expected condition in them because of their age, because everyone dresses, thinks and expresses the same. It is the place of unique thought.
  2. The big building is not a home, it
    is not designed for families. It does not speak of
    parents, mothers or children. Their inhabitants are distinguished by their age and sex, but they are isolated individuals, not families. However, under the tree of life parents and children call each other.
  3. They suggest these excessively thin clothes a lack of modesty, an outfit, a submission to the rules of the large and spacious building.
  4. They pointed with derisive finger. A coarse, aggressive and poor language; common to all of the building. Limited language and lack of resources. Language that only underscores what happens in the smallest portion of the landscape that includes the index of the hand, a vocabulary that can not cover its entirety. A language not trained in subtleties but in the grossness of broad and general gestures.
  5. The action from the building is offensive and was directed exclusively  to those who participated in the fruit .
These five points are basically what make up the oppression that …  » unites them with yoke of iron, and reduces them to captivity» to the saints of God.

The new churches

In all times the adversary has executed his plan in different ways with the same objective «… the most abominable of all the other churches, which kills the saints of God, yes, and torments and oppresses them, and unites them with a yoke of iron, and reduce them to captivity. « ( 1 Nephi 13: 5 ) The same battle of the heavens, the destruction of the will of man or his suffocation by strangulation of freedom.

In analyzing who executes his plan he always identified the term churches in its literal sense, and certainly it is in the period of time when Nephi speaks of the discovery of America, of the introduction of the Bible in America or of the Gentiles who go through the waters .

Israel fights the twelve apostles of the Lamb
With iron yoke

But the period covered by these chapters transcends that time and we have to extend them to our present. Therefore the term churchor churches must also be extended. The prevailing Church in 1 Nephi 11, was a state, a kingdom; the extended sense that I think we have to give now is that of powers, cultural movements, philosophies, politics and above all to the manipulation of language.

It is these streams of ideas, the erosion of modesty, the gross linguistic ways, the corrupted political philosophies that have led to dispersed and confused Israel to the spacious building in order to acquire the forms of the place and fight, certainly not very elegant, to the apostles of the Lamb.

Some nails of the iron yoke

When I was young, I lived in the outskirts of Seville, it was 1976, and I wore my bell-bottoms. All were bells and I hated them, they got tangled up when I walked fast and I always went fast, but there were no others.

Communism, then, had a good press. Cuba was a bulwark of resistance against the power of the Americans. Che Guevara t-shirts said a lot about the vitalist and non-conformist character of the person who wore them, not like they do not say anything now. It was generally believed that all the Soviets had a career and a job. Being a communist gave packaging and prestige.

Israel fights the twelve apostles of the Lamb
and torments and oppresses them

Behind it was dialectical materialism and a scientific vision of society. However, the circulating discourse spoke of our decadent present, unemployment, the exploitation of man by man, capitalism and the bourgeoisie.

In that year, I was a member of the church and came to my hands some statements in passing, a general authority of the church on communism, I do not remember exactly the words, but came to say it was a diabolical ideology. My anger was huge, I complained to young people in my branch, despotriqué and exclaimed how could someone like that, be so superficial, wrong and inconsiderate in their statements, was outraged and put into question the inspiration of someone who declared something so absurd.


Now in 2018 and after forty years I realize that general authority was very, very short in his assessment, was very moderate. That ideology that has caused in its different regimes the death of more than a hundred million of the saints of God, who has united hundreds of millions of souls with their iron yoke, deserves more than an adjective. But I’m not going to do it here. I just want to draw attention to something peculiar to that building that I did not enter, at least through that door.

Politically correct

Today, incredible as it may seem, after publishing the horrors that this ideology provoked, it is almost incorrect to say what I write. And it is because of that way of dressing the thinking of man, with that lack of modesty daughter of coarseness, with excessively fine garments of arguments and yet great gestures and bombastic poses, which is not forgiven (rightly) Nazism its more fifteen million dead and yes communism is forgotten with its more than one hundred million.

These imposed deformations generate a lack of proportion in the rest, and a grievance towards millions of forgotten saints. But you have to think like that, if you do not get out of the pot.
Yes these were a yoke of iron for the saints of God.

The slow decomposition of this ideology, due to the error in its own conception, has led to a proliferation of doctrines of the most diverse fur and that have as their objective to question and undermine the pillars of free societies and the saints need those pillars to carry out the mission entrusted.

Israel fights the twelve apostles of the Lamb
politically correct

The abominable

And that work of destruction is carried out by the foundation of a church. The Church of politically correct. This church forces us to adopt a gestural language, that is to say, to use expressions and phrases that convey postures, not reasonings or arguments. The communication becomes an exchange of poses. The same ones that those in the building had with their finger of derision. The subtle, deep and refined doctrines of the gospel can not be expressed with the primitive alphabet of that church.

The work of those who are stripped of the aura of social scientists. Those saviors of the eternal proletarian class, now becomes the salvation of the heteropatriarchy- Of the value of effort, of our beliefs, of deciding what is right, of having to educate to our children, equating fetal life to cell phone. Proscribing words as charity for solidarity, wife for couple, father for tutor, nation by state, giving priority to the feeling about the law and it is so much their fervor that they also save us from the bulls.
Tocqueville in Democracy in America talks about that power that he associated with democracies and I see it too Israel fights the twelve apostles of the Lamb

in these new species

«… She works on her happiness, but pretends to be the only agent and the sole arbiter of her, provides for her security and  needs, facilitates her pleasures, conducts her main businesses, directs her industry, arranges her successions, divides her inheritances and regrets not being able to avoid the work of thinking and the pain of living «

Remove the yoke

Sometimes to get rid of that yoke for the saints requires that we put one foot on the ground.
I will give an example of this.
Israel fights the twelve apostles of the Lamb
the flattering words of Amalickiah

In the Book of Mormon it is related that in 72 BC a character named Amalickiah arrived in Zarahemla. He tried to establish a monarchy and repeal the laws of Mosiah that had got the people to use their wealth and the sovereignty of their laws. They were a free people constituted on a social contract that King Benjamin was commissioned to translate in writing. Amalickiah gained part of the people and launched a siege on the Nephite nation.
The church in Zarahemla sided with the freedom of its laws and its government but  «… there were many in the church who believed in the flattering words of Amalickiah, therefore they dissented even from the church « (Alma 46: 7) Therefore the affairs of the people became critical as the threat of war with the Lamanites was added.


Well, here we have a clearly stated situation. What do we do? We can cry out for peace among the peoples, we can declare our willingness to bend to avoid contention. We can say that what else? the government of now is the same as any other that comes. We can be ignorant not valuing our liberties and rights, thinking that they are as natural as stones and that they will always be there. We can also say that we do not get into politics. But that would not prevent the serious threat that was falling on the Nephite nation.

The example of Moroni

Israel fights the twelve apostles of the Lamb
In memory of our God

There was a man named Moroni who was clear on what was based the well-being of his people, his peace, his laws, his prosperity and freedom. Faced with the emergence of such a threat, he tore his cloak and used it as a standard, wrote  «In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children ( Alma 46:12 ). And grouped into around himself to those who also understood him. And before undertaking the defense of his people  «… he prayed mightily unto his God for the blessings of liberty to rest upon his brethren, so long as there should a band of Christiansremain to possess the land,»  ( 13 )

I do not expect to be in that situation. But I know perfectly well that if the majority of the Nephite people had not been in the spacious building, listening to falsifications of the truth. If they had devoted themselves to using the subtle language of quiet intelligence and not to gesticulate and propagate slogans. They would have realized the speech of an impostor who came to steal their freedom.
Then Amalickiah would have dissolved in the anonymity of a century and we would not talk about him at this time. And besides that, the house of Israel of the year 72 BC in Zarahemla would not have fought against the Lamb.

The twelve apostles of the Lamb

Yes next to him.
With him, preserving peace. Outside the politically correct church, which would have struck Moroni as an enemy of peace, of course.
Israel fights the twelve apostles of the Lamb
The council of twelve

The delicate and extensive purposes of the restored gospel are complex of realization. they require advanced technology, extensive organization, laws that protect property, guarantee liberties, and separation of powers.

We need freedom of assembly and expression. This dispensation can not carry out the tasks entrusted to it when it received the keys in Kirtland. Without advanced societies that provide a world without borders and where communication is free and instantaneous. We can not go back to the catacombs and provide ordinances from there to the billions of our ancestors. We need guarantees on the property rights of our temples .
All this is guaranteed in liberal democracies, whose governments are based on constitutions inspired by the principles of freedom.
In these there are families, young people, adults, children, the elderly, churches, non-believers, believers and above all the civil laws guaranteeing freedom and order.
Israel fights the twelve apostles of the Lamb
Korihor fights the twelve apostles of the Lamb


Those who come, like Amalickíah or Korihor, to depose the free order of the nations highlighting their shortcomings and defects on their advantages. To foment the conflict between generations. To proclaim the lack of modesty in body and soul, to subtly demand a unique thought .

Those who come denigrating the family. To force the moral thinning by questioning the father, falsifying the essence of the mother.
Those who use the language of demagogues, who appeal to the primacy of feeling over reason and justice. These that they come with grand gestures of peace, freedom and progress. But they do not have the consistent language of reason or common sense.
These are the ones that encourage abortion when the population falls. The father is eroded by increasing spending on security, they attack the meaning of the mother by increasing teenage pregnancy.
They speak of freedom and plunge the youth into the lie of immediate pleasure. They speak of peace and only bring the destruction of the laws that watch over it.
These are the ones who fight, we identify them by the yoke they put on the saints of God.
These are those of Israel, in our century, who fight the apostles of the Lamb.

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