The closing of the arch. Interview with Carolo (2)

Second part of the interview with Carolo, the closing of the arch. To understand this story it is necessary to read the previous one .
We are in premortal life. Kozam a son of mother Jana has the opportunity to meet a shapeless perceptive, Carolo.
A perceptive without form is a son of the Great Gnolaum, who by his special nature, voluntarily renounces to acquire a physical body. He thus becomes an explorer and ambassador of the Father’s lineage before other lineages. Its mission is to gather knowledge and experience of unreachable worlds only accessible to those of its condition.

In this part of the interview with the perceptive without form, the closing of the arch of the fourth era is debated. The end of our stay in Kolob and the preparation of the council of heaven. The premises are debated, that is, the conditions of our life on earth. Of the three premises, one of them, free will, generates great debate.


The closing of the arch

Calandro got up and asked to speak. Partal nodded slowly. We were all immersed in the images that emerged from the intervention of Carolo and this conferred a withdrawal on us, as if he described to us a deep abyss invisible to our eyes.

The closing of the arch
Some like Lucifer and Aribel

— Carolo, we have at this moment a great debate about the premises. Some like Lucifer and Aribel question their validity in dense places. What do you think of all this?

Carolo stared at Partal. Trying to find an agreement in their looks. After what seemed like too much time, I answer the question.

— The closing of each arch is the end of an era. The beginning of a challenge. The challenge of surviving It is so with all the creatures that exist and will exist. This debate is not yet a battle, but we must always be prepared in case this happens.

I intervened and this time I did it calmly with the assurance that I would receive my real ration. Like the one who interrogates himself looking at the bottom of a lake.

— What battle? Who will come to oppose the houses? That’s impossible.

Carolo, he looked at me and pierced what was left of my breastplate.

The coming storm

— Who promotes the battle in our soul? We do not need anyone, our storms arise within us. Each one has its own climate. And everywhere I meet people who are debating inside themselves. This is the case in each era. Each of them has its own storm. You have to be prepared for yours and this is coming. You can all sense it …

The closing of the arch
Each one has its own climate

At that moment he looked at Partal, finding harmony in his gaze

— I’m not telling you anything new, Partal.

— And you Carolo – I asked – what will you do, where will you be in the storm?

Partal was no longer unchanged, understood that although certain limits had been crossed, it was also true that the moment we were living allowed certain licenses.

— I am a perceptive without form. My destiny is sealed. I will serve the great Gnolaum. I do not intend anything else because I do not conceive a better destiny for me than to carry out their mandates wherever I am sent. I was born to make this decision and I assure you that I have never repented.

I could not help the irony in my words. Because I was also born to say certain things

— I see- answer- you are very lucky Carolo, for being free of these weather contingencies.

Partal intervened to give the word to Celem, leaving the irony of my comment aside. I admit that I felt bad for letting myself be carried away by a feeling of helplessness. There was someone oblivious to everything, safe from everything. Letting to see its virtue, that of accessing unattainable experiences for us. And warn us of upcoming storms. That alone was missing to add to the uncertainty of our departure, the possibility that it was between laments and condemnations.

The inhabited worlds

The afternoon went from question to question, all of them, very close to protocol. He narrated the incredible experience of the inhabitants of Lisam. They would go to a world where they could see the contours of the place they came from, of their first state. They would have the ability to see the glow that emanates from the dense places they left from. However that would not increase your chances of returning successfully because the constant presence of that view would blind you to that vision.

The closing of the arch
it is the longing for the eternal …

Apparently the mastery of the elements was a constant would be engraved indelibly in our soul. Also in Lisam, and for that reason its inhabitants would discover some day that to reach that glare, it would not be enough to dominate the gravity and the space.

Carolo made it very clear that it is the longing for the eternal, the search for happiness that conceives in each world the progress of knowledge.

He explained how gravity determines to a large extent the development of civilization. Worlds with a high severity, generate lives of struggles, strongly territorial characters, difficult to exit to other stages; lives linked to the earth and yet in these places the fruit of this era was difficult to obtain.

In their societies, the concept of authority was highly developed and the hierarchy of their institutions was as strong as the land they trod. Worlds of little mass and weak attraction harbored societies that are generally very advanced in knowledge but of spiritual and emotional poverty. That did not imply that all the aspects that were familiar to us did not exist, but that they emphasized one or the other depending on the place.

But all had to be inhabited, because in all the growth of the intelligence was possible and in all the necessary experience and knowledge could be acquired for … well that was what was always left aside. To go back and acquire the third state. Our dearest goal, the dream that every inhabitant of Kolob longed for. Except the perceptive without form. They had resigned with a kind of spontaneous vote. We were all amazed by the arrogance with which they undertook that stage that was mysterious and alien to our interests.

The third state

The closing of the arch
We would be thrown into dense places like turtle eggs

The third state was the obtaining of a dense body in conditions of freedom and endless knowledge. It was to have the life they had, to inherit the state that our parents had. Something so familiar to us, that we did not realize the price to pay.

We would be thrown into the dense places like turtle eggs and little by little, billions of us would try to return to where we came from, guess in what direction that dark sea was. We were promised an invisible but effective guide. We also knew that there would be predators, opposition, but we did not know where that strange collaboration would come from in this whole story. Uncertainty constantly hovered over us and there was only help in confidence in the premises. Something I did not find much comfort in.

We said goodbye to Partal and our visitor. When I was about to leave that place, Partal asked me to stay. Carolo wanted to talk to me alone. I felt intimidated by my critical attitude towards someone who really did not deserve any comment or hostile question as I had done and I thought I would get a wake-up call.

Interview with Carolo

The closing of the arch
Not be threatened by anything

Carolo was waiting for me in the gardens annexed to the meeting place. He turned his back on me and seemed to be looking towards Silam’s palace. I waited a few steps from him to notice my presence.

— Do you know what it feels like to lose the human form?

I did not know what to answer, I did not expect that question. I think my silence spoke for itself.

— You see, do not consider that I want to examine you … take it as an excuse to chat. You do not know how comforting it is to do after being away from home for so long … losing form is something like not having to defend yourself from anything. Do not be threatened by anything and also that no one notices you as an element in any contest.

-What contest do you talk about? We can differ in seeing things in different ways, that in Kolob is normal. I would not say that this is a contest.

The dark ocean of intelligence

Carolo turned to me. His look was neutral, I could not guess what was the mood of that peculiar being. Oblivious to all irony.

— The dark ocean of intelligence is greedy with its own. It has always existed, even before the Great Gnolaum. His greed is only overcome by his desire to perceive, to harvest and can only do so through the lineages. Do not interpret it as being evil. That is human judgment and he is not. Raising intelligence from darkness to light is the work of our parents and in that I assure you that the expertise and wisdom of ours is not surpassed by anyone …

Carolo spoke slowly and although I had heard that many times, until that moment I did not know the truth of the words. He spoke with direct knowledge and that gave him an accurate aura.

The contest

The closing of the arch
Where is the contest?

— .. Where is the contest? … I told you a moment ago. Inside us. We are afraid to fall back into that dark place, to lose everything we have acquired and to give it back to that greedy darkness, to which many call it death. And we do not understand – and he took his hand to the chest not to the head – that we will not be able to return there without ceasing to be what we are, because we are the largest family.

However to fall from our second state, in dense places, would suppose not to return with honor. Not having passed the test. Now the end of the era is approaching, the departure. There is no labor without struggle. The end of the arch is always the beginning of the trip to the dense places. In that transition there has always been a contest and this one, ours, will be formidable.

At this point of the conversation and without Partal with us, I felt free to ask anything.

— Does the same thing happen in external lineages?

He turned again with his back to me and under his head. He kept silent and I understood that he was calibrating what he was going to answer me. I was having an opportunity that nobody that I knew had had and that made me feel as unreal as if it were an imagined moment.

The order of Jana

— Tell me one thing before … did our mother Jana take care of you before leaving her house?

The question amazed me. For two details, said our mother and on the other hand I believed that only I Abiola and Corina knew it. And I did not imagine that any of them would have had the opportunity to communicate it to Carolo.

— If he did

The closing of the arch
She knows you better than you

— What was it?

— He asked me to make a flower for her.

— Good, my friend. One thing is for sure. You will not be a perceptive without form. Your mother has tied you with a link. She knows you much better than you. Therefore you will be part of what is going to happen here. However, Misón is right, you will not be able to go back to your school,

I asked him again impatiently. Although I knew that was not going to affect him.

— And that prevents me to know what happens in the external lineages?

He turned abruptly and for the first time that afternoon I saw an emotion on his face.

— You do not understand. That does not stop you, that protects you from knowing it. You can not take more steps in that direction and I’m not going to help you in that. However, I will tell you something. Your form is human but you are different from everyone. I have met very few like you. You are halfway between all the parts, you walk by the edges and you prefer the slopes to the plains. You are explorers of the impassable roads, but still belong to your world. You are with others but you always feel foreigners, not belonging to any place. You are of little affection, but intense. Jana knew this and let you go, but not break the link.

Our value

He knew me. As I spoke, I would fit each event of my soul in its place, recomposing a puzzle that until now had been a chaotic landscape. Even so, that knowledge of my nature, which now revealed itself clearly, never prevented my internal climate from suffering the cycles that are natural to it. I have always stayed in those places that are not very busy and solitary and not because of an obligation to an ideology but because my own nature led me to them.

He knew that time was running out and that maybe he would not have the chance to meet again with Carolo. And I asked him one more thing.

— Why will it be a formidable contest?

Carolo smiled, even his lower eyelids rose. Almost, I thought, it was going to end in a laugh. But it was not over.

— You do not know each other You do not know your value. I can establish a certain judgment because I have seen many worlds and their inhabitants.

He looked at me tenderly, made me feel uncomfortable. As if he were a little brother asking if Kokaubean will be released the next day.

The Great Gnolaum

— … there are lineage clans, the Great Gnolaum belongs to one of the most renowned. In none of them its inhabitants have reached the height that here. This place is peculiar among all, it is not the center, but it is special. Because none of them will fight so vividly in the closing of an arch.

The closing of the arch
Founders of your own lineage.

The plan of your premises, does not destine you, once returned with honor, to be vassals of the tallest and largest, is not designed to inherit regions of a lineage, to be princes or governors over domains belonging to the third state. You are not destined to that, but to be founders of your own lineage.
And for that, my friend, you have to pay a very high price. You have to risk and be brave. They have prepared you for it, but even so, there will not be an easy start because fear will take over many. Because this plan unfolds slowly in the axis of hope. And hope is a novelty in all the creations of all the clans. It is the incredible contribution of our Father.

Carolo looked at me with his eyes like flames. I almost felt my body pierced by them.

— … I think, my friend, that your destiny is fixed, I am not going to change it by speaking to you like this … It is necessary that you learn to face the uncertain, the unknown. If you do not face the risk of going to the dense places without total guarantees … you will not be worthy or able to do it in the dark to sing your own song and start your lineage. Because in both places and at those times you will need the same hope to face these challenges. This is the divinity, a permanent achievement. It is not substance but state, which is reached by a long and narrow path.

The day your bow closes, many eyes will be placed here, because what happens here will be the foundation of experience for the exteriors. No one dared to do so much, because nobody is as wise and great as our father and his family. How much I want it! How much I admire it! Knowledge is a source of power and I think I’ve told you enough already.

Carolo extended his right hand. An unusual gesture in someone like him. I shook it and he put his left hand on both.

The farewell

The closing of the arch
He could not be held back with questions or ironies

Then he looked at me and I felt for a moment the absence of ego and the lightness of his soul. He was light as a feather and I understood that there was nothing in his person that needed defense or support. And I understood almost on the verge of laughter that you could not attack or offend someone lacking in human structure.

He had abandoned the ballast of our form, slipped through the cracks of space like a bee among the flowers. Like the water between your fingers or the wind between the leaves. He could not be held back with questions or ironies. Neither with affection nor with the issues that only affected heavy bodies like us. The time for him were passing clouds that crossed and in which his eyes rested riding light and fast.

I realized that he came to our company to not lose the memory of his form, not to forget the memory of his voice. Because that fine and elongated thread was the link that made him not lose himself permanently in the vast expansion of eternity.

I walked in silence while returning to the lace school. He supposed that Corina would be there discussing with the others some detail of what he heard that afternoon. I did not pay attention to what surrounded me, without realizing I did not succumb to the charms and suggestions of the creatures that were boiling before me, for the first time since I resided in Silam. And I almost passed without realizing next to Corina. She was waiting for me sitting on the grass, throwing stones at the river.


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