The glory of the lilies


The concept of glory we bring from the old testament through Greek to Latin. The original Hebrew word is kébod  (weight, gravity). Luis Arnaldich, Professor of biblical languages, assigns the word kñbét  (derived from kébod) to the glory of Abraham because he has become very rich in cattle, silver and gold. This coincides with the use that Jesus Christ gives him when referring to the glory of Solomon and that of the lilies , » I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.» ( Luke 12:27 ).

In D & C it expresses a quality of glory  by saying «… to minister for those who are worthy of a far more, and an exceeding, and an eternal weight of glory.» ( D & C 132: 16 ) is to note the coincidence of the Hebrew concept of glory (weight or gravity) with the which is used in D & C when saying weight of glory . That is to say, the glory is the weight that gravitates in Abraham and that provokes the admiration of those who observe him.

 The glory of Solomon

When Solomon manifested with his riches, power and wisdom he showed his glory to the people of Israel or to the ambassadors of the kingdoms that came to his court. These were close to the reality of the world where the king lived. What aroused general admiration and a feeling of reverence.

the gloy of the lilies
The glory of Solomon

This is the meaning of the word glory in the scriptures, Solomon with his presence altered the way of feeling the world of those who requested and were admitted in his presence. They received a portion of that glory by participating in the real atmosphere where their own personal prestige increased once the audience was finished.

We can see the beautiful comparison that the Savior makes between Solomon and the lilies «And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these « ( Matthew  6: 28-29 ). Here the Savior exalts the simplicity of the simple flowers of the field and at the same time recognizes their glory, or  kébod. In comparison, the weight of a king’s glory is not greater than that of a lily. We can learn from this writing a simple but glorious teaching. As we approach a lily we can be covered by its glory and endure its presence. The glory of each being is weight, gravity or kébodthat transmits to its surroundings. Yet the Lord speaks of the temporal glory of men, which is «… for they are as grass, and all their glory as the flower thereof which soon falleth …»   ( D & C 124: 7 )

The glory of my garden

The glory that covered Moses in Sinai was not that of Solomon, because God does not work or spin to possess it. His, like that of the lilies, is part of his nature and the environment in which he lives.

Personally I have not had an experience like that. However, I want to relate something similar where we can understand what the power of his glory is. I’m going to do it with a jasmine.

The jasmine

the glory of thr lilies
The glory of my jasmine

When we planted it in the front yard of our house, it did not seem like much. A thin stem without many growth expectations. The climate in Almeria is not very conducive to leafy gardens and often the pests end with our plants. As it happened to the ten geraniums that with all care took care last summer and yet were victims of the African moth. Sorry, the reader, but this thing still hurts me.

Our jasmine grew strong and healthy in its appearance. You can see it in this image, it’s ours. The first flowers he gave were celebrated by Nati and me. You had to get close until you touched them with your nose to inhale their perfume. However now it is a bush, leafy, even from the street, I can smell that special smell. In summer I have to sweep daily the carpet of flowers at the entrance of the house. Some we take to the bedroom, I like to sleep in that environment.

Perhaps, someone who reads these words, has this same experience. I have been able to realize this so simple, as if it were a reading of the scriptures.

          My jasmine (yours too) has its own glory and transfigures us when we are in it.
Its shape and perfume change in a certain way our body and our way of feeling and thinking. Sometimes it modifies our mood and when our attitude has been close to reverence, if we are prepared, it can be something spiritual.

Its glory

His glory draws from us part of our sacred nature, because the jasmine has been woven by the creator and testifies of light and truth. Let’s say that it shines and shines on who receives it.

I hope not to exhaust the reader’s patience, if now I speak of honeysuckle, it is difficult to avoid it. Next to the jasmine I have a roof with honeysuckle. Because it is there? I will tell you in a summarized way.

When I was an electronics student, I went to class walking about four kilometers. At first my family wanted me to go by bus, but I preferred to do it cross-country. When it rained he used the umbrella and wrapped his legs in plastic bags to avoid getting soaked all day. More than once I came to class covered in mud by an accidental fall.


However, the experience of the sky, the aroma of the field, the clouds and the flowers were already part of my life, I did not want to renounce it. I will not dwell on the sensations I had at that time. I will only say that there was a honeysuckle along a stretch of the route and its pungent smell accompanied me for a great part of the journey. Do not think that it was a sentimental experience, rather it belonged to the variety of a strange knowledge for me.

the glory of the lilies
the glory of the lilies

Now, before going to work, I approach the honeysuckle. And I aspire. I will explain how to do it.

If someone smells a honeysuckle that is nearby, you should slowly inhale through the nose, when you get enough air to smell, you have to
keep it constant until you fill the lungs. If the air flow is varied, the olfactory sense is saturated or lost and we lose the sensation.

Its fragrance changes me internally and transfigures me , not in appearance of
course. For a moment, «and time is no longer» ( D & C 84: 100 ). As suspended in that field of influence. And I can unite the two extremes of my personal history, adolescence and the present, through the glory of

The effect

This makes me, in a certain way, see like Moses, « And it came to pass that Moses looked, and beheld the world upon which he was created; and Moses beheld the world and the ends… « ( Moses 1: 8 ) Through the glory of its flower, I can feel my life in its confines, come together in the present But not for long, because I have
to go to work.

However, it should be noted that not all of us are always vivified by this little glory, since «Behold, there are many called, but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen?» ( D & C 121: 34 ) because «they receive it not; for they perceive not the light, and they turn their hearts from me because of the preceptsof men.»  ( D & C 45:29 )

I know that from psychology, this story could be dissected and turned into simply an example of memory associated with an object, in this case the flower and my personal history. The same is done by an accountant, reducing everything to balances, a merchant to clients and a biologist to cells and components.
The gospel tells us about the whole and our position. It does not give details.

The glory of the earth …

glory of the lilies
To brighten the heart

This experience that we can have with our jasmine, or with those plants of their choice, the Lord explains to us in a special way , «Yea, all things which come of the earth, in the season thereof, are made for the benefit and the use of man, both to please the eye and to gladden the heart; Yea, for food and for raiment, for taste and for smell, to strengthen the body and to enliven the soul. « ( D & C 59: 18-19 ) It could not be said better. Sometimes I do not get over my amazement of how the Lord can express such simple things in such a way. What beautiful words!

Well, what are we reading? This is section 59, remember that in this revelation, the Lord describes what the relationship between the earth and the people of Zion would be. A town that receives the abundance of the land. This verse is describing the glory of the earth in its current state.

The necessary aesthetics

In the same way, the king not only deals with his functions and the needs of his people, he also involves his work in the glory of his kingdom. That aesthetic is necessary for its inhabitants, because it confirms the existence of law and order. The needle of the tower is useless in itself, but it points to the sky. That simple architectural glory, elevates the look.

What comes out of the earth, not only maintains life, but pleases and gladdens, invigorates the body and animates the soul. And this occurs when we look, feed, taste and smell «… with judgment, not in excess, nor by extortion» (20 ) When Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden they were also entrusted to the earth, who is not a tutor but a mother.
On too many occasions and for quite some time we dedicate ourselves to choosing other threads to weave a glory that soon falls. The commandments that are given in this revelation as «… prepared with singleness of heart …» (13 ), guide us not to weave but to separate between what is only a bellow ( Moses 1:19).) and what really invigorates and animates the soul.

… and thanks

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude, as we are told, «You will thank the Lord your God in all things» (7 ) helps us to perceive the pleasantness of the world that is usually what we usually do not they are estimated. It favors us to spontaneous joy. Giving thanks benefits us in enjoying the simple foods of our parents, the flavors of childhood.

To be grateful in our dress is to abandon the courts of Solomon and look for the simplicity of the birds that do not sow or reap . Taste every day the foods that prepare us at home giving real importance to receive them from friendly hands. Smelling the simple aromas while preparing our food with the same simplicity.

To be grateful it is necessary to stop, something difficult to the rate in which we live. Realize that  » and allthings are given them which are expedient unto man ( 2 Nephi 2:27 ). We see the same Savior, creator of the ears of wheat, «he took the seven loaves and the fishes, and gave thanks, and brake them« ( Matthew 15:36 ) and the same one who turned the water into wine , «… he took the cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them « ( Mark 14:23 )

I remember an occasion to give thanks. An afternoon hang-gliding flight. It was summer. I ascended to Colativí, a peak in Sierra Alhamilla at 1200 meters. We had prepared a take-off ramp with a lot of effort. I wanted to be the first to try it and I went to the takeoff with a friend to pick me up later.

In the Colativí

When I was on the ramp, I noticed that the wing was stuck in my shoulders, the conditions were dubious. But how to miss the occasion!

the glory of the lilies
Flying over the Colativí

When I jumped into the void, I understood my mistake.
The general current came from North and I was on the southern slope.
It was inside a rotor. The special orography of the terrain converted the flight zone into a blender. I lost control of the wing and feared the worst.

The variometer warned me that it was falling at great speed. In those conditions I made the most fervent prayer of my entire life.
After a time that became eternal, a few meters from the ground I got some pressure and I could fall with less speed. Some tubes of the wing were broken, but in spite of the blow, I only made some bruises and scratches.
There on the ground, with the broken wing, I felt new. Newborn. I will never forget the smell of rosemary and thyme, to be able to feel the air on my face. On the way home I realized how lucky I was.
When I arrived, Nati had prepared an omelette with onion and parsley. I do not remember having eaten something like that in my
lifetime. I could not believe that I was sitting there in my house, enjoying a delicacy like that. The bread was tender, crispy and the drink was fresh. I thanked her so much that she asked me if anything had happened.

They are given to us

the glory of the lilies
That afternoon

That afternoon I realized that, as Nephi teaches, we are given all the things that belong to [us], nothing that I had in my life was a right or something that comes without being compelled. That accident placed me at zero level of the scale and there you realize that «we still [we] are debtors; and we [are] and will [be] forever and ever; So, what do [we have] to [boast about]? That day the accident hit me like the rod in the stone of Meriba, seeing sprouting gratitude for the simple things was a revelation, observing and smelling my surroundings, receiving from friendly hands the fruit of the earth, made me look surprised at the glory of the little things.

The afternoon before the flight, praying in my room, I received the clear and unmistakable impression that I was not going to fly the next day. On two occasions, the same answer. But I went.

Joseph Roth wrote, an Austrian journalist of Jewish descent. «A town is a lot! … the whole of my brain, I owe it all to this people in the first place! Give him come ancestors, he returned the children! « . Give thanks for our ancestors. Certainly what we are, we owe to others.

My grandmother Maria

I remember my grandmother and my father preparing the gazpacho for lunch. It is a cold soup made of tomato,
pepper, garlic, cucumber, onion, oil, vinegar, salt, water and bread. Red, green, white, green and gold! All macerated and raw. It gets cold in hot weather.
I watched his hands patiently cut and grind the ingredients in a mortar, while one by one they left their color in my retina and their aroma in my nose.
After its unparalleled flavor and freshness.

the glory of the lilies
Those ancestors

I can assure you that they did this with love, they knew in doing it, that it was more than a cold soup. With caution, dear reader, you can say that it was an offering to the memory of your loved ones, make them present through that plate. Show us,
the smells, colors and flavors that they had in their lives. Return the memory and the heart.

They told me that their ancestors took him in the field under the trees to rest from the day and the heat. And while they were doing it I imagined them with their straw hats and their handkerchiefs, under the eucalyptus trees. Laugh, drink, give thanks for
food, remember those who left. I met some of them in my childhood.
Without an adult opinion regarding their lives, I keep the childish feeling of having met good people, with a frank smile and easy laugh.

Give thanks

Give thanks and enjoy ourselves in the humility of the lilies, makes us feel the world’s kébod  .
Those people from my childhood, even my grandmother Maria, left a deep impression on me. She had an aura of peace that could be felt from a distance. It was not woven or spun. It was based on its pacifying nature. His permanent interest in ministering to his people and his absolute and complete lack of selfishness.

the glory of the lilies
My grandmother Maria

I remember it among other things through its dishes. She especially made one for me, she knew what I liked and every time I could she
prepared it for me . They were spinach scattered. I prepared them with garlic,
chickpeas, oil, fried bread and ground pepper. She looked at me and laughed while I looked impatiently at the pan in the fire.

Now I know how to name that memory. She loved me and she did it through her hands, preparing from the abundance of the earth, with simplicity of heart to please [my] sight to gladden [my] heart; yes, to be food and clothing, to taste and smell, to invigorate [my] body and animate [my] soul. 
The glory and abundance of the earth through the hands of our loved ones. Transfigurándonos and thus, to be able to see with spiritual eyes the hidden
to the natural eye. People also have their glory or their darkness. To her it
was easy to adore her, she was adorable, she showed me her glory.

The light of Christ

Afortunadamente yo sabía que esas cosas me eran dadas. Si hubiese tenido la idea de que esas cosas me eran propias, no estaría recordando esta escena.
Si no tenemos la luz de Cristo no podríamos percibir la gloria de este mundo ni de sus criaturas. Serían tinieblas para nosotros o simples recursos naturales. De la misma forma que un atardecer nos conmueve con su presencia, porque podemos comprenderlopor la luz de Cristo, y despierta en algunos de nosotros un lenguaje especial como es la poesía o la música, así mismo, la presencia de él nos transfigura de forma que todo nuestro cuerpo cambia para poder soportar su presencia.

At the moment I listen with insistence as it relates the daily tasks of the home with the tedium and the monotony. With the lack of recognition for that work. As if those cares downgrade the capabilities of those who perform them.
However, «… prepared with singleness of heart …»  for our people, with gratitude, is «[confess] his hand in all things …» ( D & C 59:13 ). The commandment given in that same section in verse 7 «Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things» is an invitation to observe the glory of the work of his hands.

The daily ritual

the glory of the lilies
And breaking the bread he gave it to his disciples

The daily ritual of feeding our family is similar to the preparation of the unleavened bread of the holy place in the old tabernacle. The Savior himself broke the bread and used it as a symbol of his body. He prepared roasted fish for some disoriented apostles who did not know what to do.

More and more the fruits of the earth, come to us prepared through strange hands, without the emotion that always accompanies them when it is done with love. The expectant look of the result on the faces. The prayer during which we review the efforts and time and in which we are grateful to have them at the table.

Being grateful in all things, introduces us into his presence and we participate in an early glory in this world. When we approach the glory of God or at least the light and the truth, then we understand that as Benjamin taught … «Ye cannot say that ye are even as much as the dust of the earth « ( Mosiah 2:24 ) but we also understand the glory of the world when we are transfigured by it, when it covers us thanks to the light of Christ, and then we understand that » …  yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator.» ( Alma 30:44 )

And I would add that the lilies also testify.

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