The uncertainty next to the veil

When Moses came down from Sinai, he brought the charge to build a tabernacle «And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwellamong them.»  ( Exodus 25: 8 ). In that tabernacle would be the presence of Jehovah. He declares this […]


3 stumbling blocks to Christ

1. Lack of understanding of the situation. I prayed intensely to receive divine help There are situations in life where one has a clear understanding of the danger one is in. I have lived some when […]

Plan of salvation

The plan of perdition and its core

The plan of perdition, its core [su_dropcap size=»2″]The[/su_dropcap] plan of perdition and its core consisted in eliminating the agency that God gave to man. To achieve that, you need all the power. The requirements included obtaining a body […]

cosmología del evangelio
Cosmology of the Gospel

The cosmology of the restored gospel

On March 14, 2018, Stephen Hawking , a world-renowned theoretical physicist , passed away . In the wake of this student of the Universe, I decided to share some ideas of the cosmology of the gospel. Cosmology is a part […]

The palaces of Kólob

My mother Jana

Abstract of chapter 5 of » The palaces of Kolob «. In this scene Kozam and Abiola, have an interview with their mother Jana. She is her heavenly mother, there in Kolob. Your first home in the heavens. Kozam is going […]