The plan of perdition and its core

The plan of perdition, its core

[su_dropcap size=»2″]The[/su_dropcap] plan of perdition and its core consisted in eliminating the agency that God gave to man. To achieve that, you need all the power. The requirements included obtaining a body from the physical lineage of the Father.
As we will see eliminate the agency, it was an absurdity from its own statement. Unsustainable to perform, it was not about the inconvenience, but the impossibility of carrying out that project.
To understand the battle and fall of a son of the morning in his struggle for power, one must understand what the power of God is.

The power of God

The plan of destruction
… has light and truth as allies

We read in  D & C 29:36

«… because he rebelled against me, saying: Give me your honor, which is my power; and he also removed from me the third part of the hosts of heaven, because of his agency. «

In English the word «honor» is used . In Spanish «honor» is used   both come from the Latin  honor , honoris (rectitude, decency, respect). The use of this word denotes the public acclamation of the person to whom the mentioned virtues are attributed.

So we can say that the power of God consists of the respect, veneration and love that it infuses throughout the Universe and its intelligences, because of its justice and perfection. As an organizer and creator, he has light and truth as allies, entities together with intelligence that have not been created. So the divinity and its power are not a substance but a state that is reached by achievement, merit and alliances.

Divinity and its power is based and maintained by  «persuasion, long-suffering, kindness, meekness and sincere love; by kindness and pure knowledge … « ( D & C 121: 41 ) because as early as he teaches us, » No power or influence can be or should be maintained by virtue of the priesthood »  ( 41 ) but from those qualities. The only ones that can move the completely impersonal, to what  «… was not created or made, nor can it be.» ( D & C 93:29 ). Achievement that Christ achieved by redeeming us:  «The God of nature suffers!» ( 1 Nephi 19:12 )

The persuasion

Therefore, its power does not lie, like ours in the submission of the world, but in its persuasion. In persuading the elements and eternal intelligences so that » intelligence is [allege] to intelligence; wisdom [receives] wisdom; the truth [embraces] the truth; virtue [love] virtue; the light is [allege] in the light … « ( D & C 88:40 )
That is why he teaches us early to emulate it, when he invites us to use the land » … with judgment, not in excess, nor by extortion. « ( D & C 59:20 )

The word honor is equivalent to glory in Hebrew. But glory also suggests the feeling experienced by the one who contemplates the honor and power of God. The glory of lilies isonly perceived by contemplating its beauty and perfection. For what honor and glory, we can say, that constitute the power of God.

Give me your honor

The plan of destruction
give me your honor

The plan of perdition , he needed, the «give me your honor».  Lucifer’s request impossible to satisfy. Because honor is a personal achievement that can not be detached and that no one can strip you of violence or war.
Once we understand the origin of his power.

I remember the words that young Skywalker receives from his enemy Darth Vader: «No, my young Jedi. You will understand that you are the one who is wrong about many things. «

Will I be in this scene when we say we understand? But at least we begin to see where their power comes from and we can see why this battle took place in the heavens.

In the same section 93, we read two verses that are fundamental in the understanding of this matter.

       «He who keeps his commandments receives truth and light, until he is glorified in the truth and knows all things.» ( 28 )
       «The glory of God is intelligence, or in other words, light and truth.» ( 36 )

And now we are going to establish a small theoretical outline of this sequence.

Obedience → Knowledge → Light and truth → Glory

Obeying is basic to the plan of salvation. This word comes from the Latin oboedire (know how to listen) and is related to the ability to learn from what is heard. Obedience already implies a decision. But if it is imposed it is not obedience, it is submission related more to slavery than to knowing how to listen.
Giddiani invites the Nephites by submitting .

The plan of Lucifer

[su_dropcap size=»2″]W[/su_dropcap]hy was Lucifer’s plan devoid of free will not accepted?
Because if we look at the scheme, everything starts from obeying and not from submitting. He who obeys receives light and truth and after this we find a preposition, a «hasta». That even is the process of the plan of salvation, designed on the basis of free will .

Obedience   Knowledge   Light and truth   Glory

Without light and truth

IFLucifer’s plan of perdition had been put into effect, man could never have accessed the light and truth  because it only supports plans and lineages with agency. Since «… the light that shines, that [enlightens] us, comes through that which illuminates [our] eyes, and is the same light that vivifies [our] understanding,» ( D & C 88:11 ) without light there is no understanding. For this one needs clarity in our mind, illuminated by light.
If you eliminate from free will, you do not need light to be able to discern. In fact not even the creation could have taken effect. Because the earth could not have discerned between the darkness and a mandate based on coercion. Both terms are in the same abyss.

However, if Lucifer’s plan of perdition had been carried out, the lack of free will would have affected the entire Universe. It would not have been necessary for them to «… keep watch over those things which they had ordered until they obeyed.» ( Abraham 4:18 ) and the earth would not be sanctified since it could not obey any law, except a heavenly law.


The plan of destruction

[su_dropcap size=»2″]It[/su_dropcap] would be an inefficient plan. All the behavior of the elements would have to be assumed under a centralized direction. A kind of colossal and interventionist government, which decided how far the orbits should occupy electrons.
We see a similar situation in totalitarian governments that distrust the freedom of their citizens. They assume in their functions what is private domain. The invariable result of that state is poverty and misery. This state of affairs that derives from the lack of free will and freedom in the Universe is not economic or efficient. It would not be possible to maintain order and balance without the participation of all the actors of creation.

Benjamin clearly saw this principle :  «I have labored with my own hands in order to be of service to you, and not be overburdened with tribute, nor anything that was heavy to be carried on you» ( Mosiah 2:14 ). This idea of ​​government light, relies on the delegation to the people of responsibilities «you yourselves will succor those who need your help; you shall impart from your goods to the needy »  ( Mosiah 4:16 ) Hence the Nephite efficiency.

However Lucifer, requested a total power that entailed an impossible load to carry. He had no idea of ​​all the consequences, emotions dominated him. I wanted a centralized and planned plan in front of the free market of the probationary plan.


[su_dropcap size=»2″]In[/su_dropcap] the plan of perdition, the direction is primitive, with an organizational chart based on authority. A creation as extensive as the one that was organized can not be centralized. We had to rely on the ability to self-govern under the light and truth, which have the intelligences of any type that inhabit the Universe.

Lucifer did not understand this, just as the Gadianton robbers did not understand how the Nephites could resist the strength of an army with only the ancient words of their religion.

And there was his great error, «… for he did not know the mind of God, so he sought to destroy the world» ( Moses.4: 6 ). The Father knew the influence of his honor, the adoration that was professed to him. He knew that light and truth were with him, and for everything related to his creations, they started from his presence and filled the immensity of his works. All of his creation was drenched in its light … and they obeyed. They knew how to listen. He taught the right principles and the electrons jumped into the proper orbit to their new state. There was no need to watch forever.

Not economic

The plan of destruction
In a separate place

[su_dropcap size=»2″]T[/su_dropcap]here is a large economic component in creation. In the use of resources. The Savior never wasted a piece of bread, nor a fish, «And they gathered twelve baskets full of the pieces and the remnant of the fish» ( Mark 6:43 ). Even … «the shroud that had been on his head, not put on the linen cloths, but rolled up in a separate place» ( John 20: 7 ). This careful appraisal of simple elements such as cloth canvases suggests the same order, care and respect in the organization of the world.

He even cares about the little birds , «… not one of them falls to the ground without your Father knowing.» ( Matthew 10:29 ) Who does not respect someone like that? It is not strange that even the fish obey him.

The plan of perdition, as well as tyranny, despises the agency of the people, expelling it from the great ecosystem of the world. He considers agency an obstacle to the salvation of these ignorant humans. He mistrusts the value of the individual and his wit. That spiritual populism, replaces the person by a doctrine of exclusive salvation, of pompous and belligerent words.
That contempt, that loss is nonsense, it is not economic, in a plan where even the birds of the field participate with their wings.

Conflict with light and truth

[su_dropcap size=»2″]L[/su_dropcap]ucifer wanted to jump the celestial order. I wanted to jump directly from zero to honor and glory without obeying. If that had been possible, I would have had a big problem with light and truth. In what sense?
Light and truth, as we already know , are not an abstract concept. They are not mental constructions, they are not moral conclusions or models of things.

They are entities, not biological or of any lineage, of a nature that we can not understand now, but the scriptures recognize them as such.

The plan of destruction
They are not mental constructions, they are not moral conclusions or models of things.

We pass that property when we read, due to the form of our perception.
The perception of a frog is blind to an elephant. For her there are no elephants, they do not eat frogs. But these, if you are interested in storks, they eat frogs. When they see them, they hide. Storks are blind to flies, do not eat flies and are not aware of them. But the frogs do eat flies, they see them and they hunt them.

We are blind to light and truth , to its entity, but we are not blind when it shines in Christ. Then it enlightens us and illuminates our mind. Then we are able to detect it and enlighten by it.

Lucifer, due to his rebellion, would have had to deal with an independent entity to act and alien to his nature since …

«All truth is independent to act by itself in that sphere in which God has placed it, as well as all intelligence … » ( D & C 93:30 ).

When we read that truth works by itself, it means exactly what it is saying.

The extortion

Your campaign  with the hastag «#not miss a single one»  was planned and developed in the heavens. For a long time. You can not get more than 1/3 of followers like that. Each of them with a mother and a father. With much affection and affection of his celestial family. What great power!
What great extortion! These spirits were not soldiers, nor employees. They were sons and daughters. Lucifer knew that day that «many hearts perish, pierced with deep wounds.» ( Jacob 2:35 )

It was an exhibition of being able to be in a council with more than 1/3 behind his back. They could not lose, nobody knew their exact weight in the proposal, but they were too many. That daring and exhibition before the Father was not the fruit of a sincere impulse, it was a leap to power through extortion. The goodwill of his proposal was only an alibi.

But the Father endured a cross as in Golgotha, setting an example to his son of the sometimes difficult path of fatherhood in divinity.

The consequence

The plan of destruction
The core of the dark method

[su_dropcap size=»2″]L[/su_dropcap]ucifer would have found himself, if the Father does not prevent it, with that … «Light and truth discard that wicked one» ( D & C 93:37 ). To the.
Why do they throw it away? Because light and truth is free to act in its sphere and does not lend itself to a plan based on the breaking of laws and extortion.

If the accuser had sat on the throne that he had ambitioned, the creation would have remained in darkness, without light or life. Because Lucifer was already an opaque being, veiled to the light, discarded, without glory or honor. Destitute of the honor that is due to someone who sits on the throne and therefore excluded from obedience.

I imagine him in the scenes in which the Savior carried out his ministry. Lucifer would have to take the fish one by one to take them to Pedro’s net, he would have to watch over the little birds that do not crop or sow, in their simple duties. He would have to see to it that the lilies were dressed, though with half the glory of Solomon. He would have to pay suppliers to feed the five thousand who followed him. It would have to be followed by doctors and magicians to heal the sick and afflicted.

He would not have the privileged destiny of the saints who «without being compelled will flow to [them] forever and ever.»  ( D & C 121: 46 )
Flow a very advanced word , nonexistent in the plan of perdition.

The rebellion

The plan of destruction
Lost the light and the truth

[su_dropcap size=»2″]T[/su_dropcap]he light and the truth that the Father possesses, would never illuminate a scenario like this and least of all to be the light of this world.
In reality he has the kingdom he sought and his fighting technique is what he anticipated in the heavens. He rebelled, did not disagree or opined or even protest.
Rebellion comes from the Latin bellum(war) and re (movement back) the rebel is the one who turns war against an established authority. And even when he saw his cause lost, he did not go into exile alone, assuming his responsibility, but «… also removed from me the third part of the hosts of heaven, because of his will» and as Isaiah says, to his Prisoners never opened jail .

His rebellion was based on an unviable economic theory. In a system of government incapable of managing creation. With an ignorance of the Father’s alliances that would make any action impracticable. It is intuited in the plan of perdition, an attempt to coerce previous intelligences to the heavenly families. The blackmail before the gods to drag the third part, did not help.

He lost light and truth when they shone before him. He was not tempted to rebel but condensed the darkness of a strange dew that distilled in his own soul.

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