The war of the skies 2.0

By adding to the war of the heavens of this article 2.0 as anachronism, I attempt to highlight a closer view of the war of the heavens that is in the scriptures. Not with the desire to adapt it to our way of thinking, but with the intention of describing the events that took place in that war and their correspondence with our present time, because we must think that the actors are and we are the same, the casus belli (reason for the war) has not changed, only the scenario.

The war of the skies
Archangel Michael

We will see clearly that in order to understand the ancient contest in the heavens, it can be very useful to understand the nature of the present one here on earth.

The archangel Michael, paladin of the army of the heavens, has been frequently represented in art as a Roman legionnaire. This motif in painting, although a projection of the concept of conventional army and war, Rome has been an inspiration as an example. This combination is perfect, a victorious army and well equipped.

A war, as a general rule, is preceded by a just claim or not, over a territory or over natural resources demanded by one or both parties. These wars are fought on the ground with the conventional weaponry that corresponds to the time. Thus we see from the Roman gladius to the modern drones.

However, it is difficult to transfer this model to that of the war of the heavens. For there was no contest over land or resources. In Revelation 12:10 we read «for the accuser of our brethren is cast out, he that accused them before our God day and night,» there is no reproach in these words of violence, but emphasizes a work of constant and organized «intelligence. This nuance, we will see next, is what gives body to the present war.

The enemy has combined

DyC 38:12 “Which causeth silence to reign, and all eternity is pained, and the angels are waiting the great command …and, behold, the enemy is combined” This combination reminds us of the one that took place in Mormon times around A.D. 30 to take over the administration of justice, the pillar of the Nephite state.
“And they did enter into a covenant one with another, yea, even into that covenant which was given by them of old, which covenant was given and administered by the devil, to combine against all righteousness.” (3 Nefi 6:28). It does not combine elements of the same nature, but diverse. In this case, different strata of the nephrite society seek to break the instituted order and unite to attack in a combined way. Something like this is beginning today but at a global level.

Hybrid warfare

According to today’s experts, hybrid warfare is the combination of intelligence operatives, disinformation, unconventional media and computer attacks. Each time it gains space in our world to the point of displacing conventional war to a second plane.

The war of the skies
European Defence Initiative
This is an issue that has not reached the population, except for its cinematographic aspect. However, the current war is being waged around us without our being aware of it.
Chris Donnelly, director of the Institute for Statecraft in London, is dedicated to research and advice to governments on this new battlefield. ( in a recent interview has stateden:
«The security forces, the politicians, the academics, must be part of this change, so that they become aware that tomorrow’s battlefields involve not only tanks and ships, but also ideas and a struggle for people’s trust, minds and understanding» These tomorrow’s fields mentioned by Chris Donnelly were those of the remote past.
The battlefield in the pre-existence was the struggle for the confidence of all inhabitants of the kingdom of heaven in a plan based on agency. And that was the casus belli of the contest. We can see it in Moses 4:3 “Wherefore, because that Satan rebelled against me, and sought to destroy the agency of man, which I, the Lord God, had given him, and also, that I should give unto him mine own power; by the power of mine Only Begotten, I caused that he should be cast down;”

A current and ancient war

The wave of populism that sweeps Europe, the USA and South America (there for a long time) corresponds almost perfectly with Lucifer’s populist message in the pre-existence. It is necessary to analyze the world even if we are not of the world. A current and ancient war
In the same way that in democracies, when they enter into an economic or social crisis, populism emerges as a magical solution, in the same way Lucifer took advantage of a crack in the confidence of many inhabitants of the pre-existence in the plan of salvation. “…and also a third part of the hosts of heaven turned he away from me because of their agency;” (D&C 29:36) As Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the FED, points out, «fear as an engine is much more powerful than euphoria.» 

The war of the skies
They were thrown down

In my opinion he had more followers than that third part, but the scriptures mention only the more radical ones who were imprisoned. To win even the ultimate consequences to 1/3 of the population of any kingdom is not enough with a proposal in a council. A previous work of intelligence, disinformation, manipulation is necessary and I would dare to say of social media marketing. You also need the means to get your message across to a large population and the connivance of powerful sectors that facilitate the media. And, above all, the necessary technology is needed.

It was printing and radio that facilitated the Nazi party’s rise to power by corrupting the laws of the Weimar Republic. I do not know what means Lucifer had in his reach, but we can imagine the capacity of a world far superior to ours when compared to what we have.

It is interesting to note how such a large social movement, contrary to Father’s plan, was permitted in heaven. Freedom of conscience was already a fact in heaven, for that multitude was not condemned for their opinions or beliefs but for a rebellion against an established kingdom whose sovereignty resided not in its people but in the Father.

The war of the skies 2.0

The plan of salvation proposed by the Father provided a savior but required participation through faith and repentance. He looked upon pain, patience, trials as part of that plan. It is very easy to propagate an alternative message like the one we read in Moses 4:1 «… I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost…» we can imagine in the heavenly nets a hashtag circulating as #notonewillbelost.

Perhaps the example of the hashtag seems out of context, but if one meditates on the subject, the question arises: How could Lucifer send his plan to billions of millions to the point of winning more than 1/3 of the population for his cause? He must have had freedom and great means.

Fear is a very powerful engine. He argued from the guarantee and security, the absence of risk, a safe transit back home. These words could in all probability have figured in his program but they are antagonistic to faith and hope.

The lie

Disinformation and lies have always played an important role in any contest. But it is not until the creation of the internet and social networks that ideas have been transmitted to more than 1/3 of the world’s population immediately. Wars are therefore rapidly tipping into this new space.
In 2013, Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov stated the following: «The role of non-military means in achieving political and strategic objectives has grown and, in many cases, they have surpassed the power of the force of weapons in effectiveness».
With no intention of making a decision or expanding on the matter, the Russian government is currently using this type of war in its objectives in Europe and the USA. It’s cheaper. Europe has two main defence initiatives, one based in Brussels and the other in Riga (Latvia) with director Janis Berzins stating

The war of the skies
The resilience

«Even without Russian interference, Donald Trump would probably have won anyway, because of people’s dissatisfaction and boredom. And that is exactly what Russia can exploit… but the influence it can exert, the success of any Russian operation, is directly related to our resilience. And our resilience is our responsibility.»

Lucifer’s demagogy

«Resilience; in sociology, the ability of social groups to overcome adverse outcomes by rebuilding their internal bonds…» (wikipedia)

The war of the skies

Janis Berzins highlights this aspect that could well be applied to the premortal world. Lucifer was deprived of the logistical means to achieve his end. In the RAE this is defined in the following way: «set of means and methods necessary to carry out the organization of a company, or of a service, especially of distribution» because that power was held by the Father. However, he developed a strategy for which he did have sufficient means.

This was the demagogy and the lie disseminated to the population of that world. And many of its inhabitants could not overcome that #notonewillbelost account.
Janis Berzins, referring to these attacks on the networks, addressed to our minds, declares «… doing everything possible to influence the political results, the elections, the people… The final objective is to use democracy against us»
Exactly what Lucifer did, to take advantage of the freedom of conscience and opinion that existed in the heavens in order, protected by it, to weave a network of complicities that was made known in the great council, whose end was the destruction of that very state that propitiated it.

The crucial time.

“and he came before me, saying—Behold, here am I, send me, I will be thy son, and I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost, and surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor.” (Moses 4:1)

An apparently correct statement. This proposal is not an attempt to bring a new solution to the problem. It imposes on the Father who will be his son, breaks agency and borrows power without guarantee of return.
Everything went against the constitution of that world and he knew it. He was throwing a full-blown wreck. And we can ask ourselves: with what support? And no doubt we can answer: with more than a third of the population and this one with a high degree of motivation. And that anywhere would be an unparalleled crisis. Lucifer spoke with his back covered with expectant crowds.

The war of the skies
The struggle for freedom
He took it for granted that this enormous pressure on the Father and the Mothers would undermine the initial plan and after all, he was proposing to solve it. Who cares about a war with a way out as clear as the proposal?

He had used his weapons well, his personal doctrine Gerasimov.The Russian defense minister in 2015 declares:
«The day has come when we have to admit that a word, a camera, a photo, the internet and information in general have become another type of weaponry, another component of the armed forces.»
For the first time in human history the conditions of war in the heavens are the same as those we find on earth. The struggle for man’s agency has returned to its original strategy and tactics. Far from the noisy and primitive conventional wars the enemy has combined in an element in which he is master and strategist. The whole contest is taking place within us as Chrys Donnelliy mentions, «…a struggle for the trust, the minds and the understanding of the people».

Invisible warfare

The saints and in general those who want to be warned, we must understand that free will, freedom brings with it a certain uncertainty, those fields not trod by anyone before, the voice that assures us that not one will be lost from poverty, disenchantment, sacrifice. Those who accuse day and night before our ears of the evil that agency, freedom or democracy brings. Of those who fill the nets and move with mastery in the art of mental retailing. Those who accuse God Himself of their evils and continue to blame the plan of salvation for unjust and defective. They try to cover us with fig leaves collected from here and there.

Little by little a message spreads in that invisible war whose direction is nowhere to be found, a slow and uniform planetary tide.

The Internal War

I remember when I was 19, the final exam in math. I had received the missionary call to the mission of Spain Madrid. That subject was never my strong suit and I passed it with great effort. The test dealt with integrals and derivatives. The teacher was demanding and without the possibility of treatment.

The struggle for freedom
A difficult decision
I sat at the table, looked at the exam and began to notice a cold sweat and a fear that started in the stomach. I didn’t know how to start any of the exercises. Everything I had studied was of no use to me, that in front of me was an enigma, a trap.
It is difficult to be free, because you are the architect of your destiny. And mine was to come back in September and delay the missionary call. What report would I give to everyone?
If someone had approached me at that moment, I would have tapped my shoulder gently and passed the answers under the epigraph #noeperderaniuno, what would I have done? my despair was great and growing. I just wanted to pass, I didn’t care about anything else. I felt helpless and a loser. Would I have accepted that plan of salvation? How many of my class would have done it, part three? Remembering how I felt, I think more.
That day many, even the best, failed. That day I got up from my chair with the intention of handing over the blank exam, no one came to my rescue. The world was cruel and unfair.
But when I was going out into the hallway, I remembered something that could help me, something I was taught to do in times of emergency. Then I sat down again and prayed, #thywillbedone. And that saved me.

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