The council of heaven, Aribel proposal

We are in the council of heaven. Dense beings are present, people exalted from previous cycles of creation. The leaders of Kolob attend the twenty-four houses. The great Gnolaum and his family preside over the council. In this first part, Aribel (Lucifer) will take the floor to present his plan.
(Excerpt from chapter 14 of The Kolob palaces )

The council of heaven

The council of heaven
Thousands of dense

A third time we were awakened by the power of the tubes, which this time received the effort of thousands of dense, who expelled, to all that gave their exalted bodies, the air of Kolob through their mouths. I learned later that they enjoyed doing it, competing with each other. The sound made the floor vibrate and this time the resonance was achieved in the same mass of the audience, being this same who began to vibrate to the beat of the tubes.

In the center of the circle of our mothers, surrounded by their councils, surrounded in turn by the Madán circle and surrounded by the most select of the representation of the twenty-four houses, the translucent waves of the sound of thousands of horns converged again and again. there surrounded by the councilors of the North, South, East and West, was the Great Gnolaum.

And once again, as in that gift that our mother Jana made to Abiola and me, I can not penetrate that sphere of light that in my memory is inaccessible. And yet I remember that there was a familiar and beloved face in that central place. A face in which I recreated. The face of my father, whose features refuse to answer my call. I have tried many times to compose the aspect of the one who was that day in the center of the audience but I have always failed to reach this conclusion: that is the only aspect of my memory that has been veiled intentionally.


Once everything was ready, the counselor from the North gave way to the beginning of the council.

Come on! Come on! All the inhabitants of Kolob. The great council begins. The greatest presides over us and his will is the law that governs our world. Before him the dark ocean stops, and the stars bow in adoration for the one who carries the scepter.

After the protocol that fixed in our mind the transcendence of what was happening, the North counselor ordered the events of the fourth era succinctly and ended up raising the issue that brought us together.

— We are presented on this day two plans for the departure of children to dense places. One, that raised by the houses and that you all know, is based on the premises taught from your childhood or free will as the axis, the other offered by Aribel based on the focus as the axis is to say obedience to the law with no other option.

Now we will listen to our proponents. First we will listen to Aribel, son of Camí-Olea, one of the first hundred. Master of all trades, Ambassador in the Great Cluster, Prince Madán, Scroller of the mysteries of Kolob-Isem and favorite son in his own right.

Arrival of Aribel

That first sentence of the Northern adviser, aroused everyone’s surprise. And the fear of many. It was clear in his words that there was someone who would represent the plan of the houses. Many hoped that no one would show up for the plan of the houses that many called «the madness of the grain,» but there was someone and that must have plagued the ranks of the salvation movement. However, not even a murmur rose in the audience, in the presence of the great Gnolaum.

The circle Madán opened towards the South of the auditorium, leaving a wedge of a quarter. The mothers and their councils were placed around the place where our father was, on the right and on the left. The councilors, a step below in front of the place where the two plans would be exposed.


The council of heaven
It gave the impression of sufficiency

Aribel entered the center of the auditorium accompanied by Minion and Primabel, with their ceremonial vestments and all their emblems. Majestic and at the same time simple. But it did not remind me of the first impression I had of him because now he was in front of my parents’ majesty and that eclipsed any other appearance. It should be his arguments that established his position.

Leaving his companions behind, he walked unhurriedly, his face serene. He gave the impression of sufficiency and did not seem affected by the news of an opponent on the opposite side. I think it was something that he had already assumed as a last minute event. The lineage of the Great Gnolaum had not gotten there improvising in serious situations. Anyone who had thought calmly, would have reached that conclusion. The reservation in the name of the redeemer had been key to sifting the inhabitants of Kolob, to see the temper of his soul and loyalty to the houses. Even so, everyone was on time to orient their decision to where they wanted.

Here I am

Aribel arrived at the intended place from where he would speak, bowed reverently to the presence of the parents and when he got up, he took with his left hand the edge of his cloak, at chest height.

The council of heaven
I am Aribel, your son and son of Queen Camí-Olea

— Here I am, I am Aribel, your son and son of Queen Camí-Olea, may your name always be honored in the realms and worlds of Olea. From the beginning before the deserts of Kolob were populated I counted on your direction and wisdom and under your advice I carried out the works of the beginning, represented in the council of lineages, in the center of the great cluster, to our lineage. For a long time, away from my house, I longed for your company, and although surrounded by other glorious scepters, your name was never forbidden of the honor it deserves.

When the time of the return arrived and your fame established beyond all distance, I arranged myself, with the few of your children, to step on this sacred earth, to establish the fourth era of your glorious creation, which in its eternal turn full of life and intelligence the dark emptiness of outside.

Now I come quickly, as on other occasions, before a new challenge, the most Save the works of your hands, bring them back from the dense places. Bring them victorious just as you are of every challenge.

You will not miss one

As in many occasions, oh Great Gnolaum, listen to my offer. Well, if in the past I was useful, it is not less my desire to be now. Send me to dense places as a son begotten of your own race, as your only begotten in dense places. And as has been my loyalty so far it will be in the future. I will redeem the whole human race, not a single soul of your countless offspring will be lost.

The council of heaven
The innumerable who will not return

It is because of this desire, that of increasing your glory more if possible, that I present a way of doing it and for it I put my plan before you. Make obedience to your laws the main premise of the world that was created so that they can live.

Great Gnolaum, your eye penetrates all place and time. You know of the countless who will not return. Those that we told from the beginning with joy and joy when their bright eyes emerged from the mystery of your sanctuary. Those who were populating with their new looks and restless steps the deserts of Kolob. They who carried the promises to fill the darkness with new lights. These who care under your direction, like older brothers.

To these, everyone, I will bring back. Give me your body line, and I will go to the dense places and bring them back. Grant me your power over the dark and accept the proposal that presents. Trust me the honor shown to you by the intelligences of all the works of your hands. I will return it to you extended beyond the advice of lineages. So that your name is the light of all lineage. Your law will become a sure obedience and will be the way of your children in dense places as accurate as the journey of the worlds through space.

Questions from the East

Once he had finished presenting his plan, he bowed to those who scrutinized his words like new birds, never before seen in Kolob.

The Eastern counselor stepped forward and spoke.

— Do you understand, Aribel, that your proposal affects the design of the premises? Before the dwelling of the twenty-four points was founded, before the first arch was illuminated by Kokaubean, and those premises were proposed in the council of lineages. They were approved because it is in this way that intelligence ascends to exaltation. Now you come to change everything, offering the assurance of complete salvation, but what about free will? Where do you relegate it, to a mere extender of existence? Have you ever wondered what consequences it would have?

The Embassador

The council of heaven
If I’ve thought a lot, counselor


Once finished it returned to its place. Aribel maintained an appearance of challenging calm, a confidence in himself and in his destiny almost defiant.

— Dear Eastern Counselor. During my stay as ambassador in the great cluster I could see worlds and lineages of the most varied. Worlds that were governed by variable premises in time. Axes of reversible values ​​according to the sector of the space in which those slow worlds traveled where a life lasted what a revolution.

I have seen the slow rise of lineages of plane intelligences, where there was only one axis to travel, because there was no perception of anything that was not the only thing. I remember the Rendrop-Alam lineage, its system of salvation as complex as the number of those who achieved it. I have seen expansive lineages of simple achievements and parceled domains in the vastness of space, subject to vassalage for eternity.

If I have thought much, counselor, and I have come to this conclusion. If the plans are so varied, if there is as much variety as there are lineages, why should not we improve ours and thus be able to reach a greater number of children back from the dense places?
The dark bathes many beaches with its waters and is accustomed to the variety of premises. With all it negotiates the ascent of the intelligence by the strange ways that propose the lineages and in this variety is its interest in following the pact.

The turn of the will

Then a member of the Madán circle went to the place where they spoke.

—You have not answered the question that the Eastern counselor asked you. What will be of free will?

The council of heaven
you will not miss any

It did not look like they were going to give up a clear stance on this point and Aribel prepared to attack the knot of the issue.

— A turn of the axes of a quarter, will not make disappear the free will of the life of the men. It will simply mark a limit on their performance, they will be able to choose in many aspects of existence in dense places. It will be a life rich in nuances. And it will also be safe in complying with the laws, because they can not conceive disobedience to them. They will not have the capacity to suspect something other than just. For the rest, his life would not differ from that fostered by current premises. They can imagine, create, live, learn, experience. And they will do so in the security of returning after having completed their apprenticeship in the domain of the elements. None will be lost.

Later, reflecting, I realized that billions heard that phrase «you will not miss any» , I understood that those crowds like grains of the beaches, longed for that phrase, listened to it with longing and relief. Aribel launched his proclamation from the same center, in the presence of the greatest. In everyone’s ears.

—I see Aribel – ended by saying the member of the circle Madán – I never saw anyone, until now, advise the Father how to direct his lineage. What you do not understand is that each lineage has a course traced in time and its turn is an eternal turn.

My proposals

— I have advised – responded Aribel- and I have proposed to this council and before the same Great Gnolaum many new aspects in our arc. Many have been accepted and others not. I do not see why I should stop working for this era. I have always been doing it.

The Northern adviser went ahead and with that Aribel’s proposal was closed with a final question that would be formulated by himself.

—What do you mean by asking for the Father’s power over the dark one? Why do you need to be his only begotten son in the dense places? Do not you think the latter is too much in your plan?

The Guardian

The council of heaven
The mothers attended imperturbables

Aribel was relieved to be able to answer the question. The mothers attended unperturbed before the presentation, they resembled twenty-four unshakable towers, of a majesty impossible to describe. Within that sphere of light that I can never penetrate, I imagined the Great Gnolaum listening patiently to everything that was spoken.

— North Counselor, and everyone who listens to me. The plan based on a redeemer also includes acquiring a direct lineage from the Father in dense places. Yes, I already know that redemption could not be achieved without this point. In the plan of salvation that you see, it is necessary to present to the dark ocean the new premises through someone dense and nobody is prepared for that as I am …

To my memory came at that moment that perhaps that was the reason for the rejection of the dark to our altered premises. Maybe that’s why Primabel did not consider our attempt a failure and a step forward.

… I would be the guardian, the one who would ensure the attainment of the end. I can not do this from a mortal body, it is only possible from a dense body of direct lineage of the Great Gnolaum. I ask for the same privilege that is granted in the plan of redemption. I need the collaboration of the existing intelligences, those who live in their current spheres, and only with the honor of the father can I carry out this complete salvation.

Once I finish, I will hand over the works of his hands in perfect condition for his exaltation. You will not miss a single one.

The defender of the houses

The Counselor of the North, made a signal with his hand and the ritual horns sounded. Those that ended the words of Aribel and gave way to the next proponent, this time, of the plan of redemption of the houses.

The council of heaven
The North Counselor made a sign with his hand

The expectation was maximum, nobody knew the identity of who would defend the plan of the houses. Although a hundred names were mentioned, the same amount did not trust everyone.

Walking slowly and as if bearing a heavy load on his shoulders, he made an appearance. He wore Kolob’s basic tunic, cinched with a red belt. On it a simple white over-tunic. I did not know him at first, but when I saw his features more closely, I could name him in my mind with surprise.
He was Yahavhe, one of the first. Of the oldest, a little younger than Aribel, but one of the first hundred. The order in their births was not of the general domain and was kept secret so as not to distort the value of the proposals.

No one could avoid a suppressed exclamation at seeing him arrive and stand before the mothers. Before the Great Gnolaum. So simple that you could almost blame the mistake of being there.
The counselor from the South came forward and spoke.

— We will listen now to Yahavhe son of Libel-Toban, one of the first hundred, Sculptor of premises, master of all trades, Officiant of the North dome, Master scrutinizer of the three directions and favorite son in his own right.

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