The saivor in the council of heaven

Second part of the council of heaven . This article is an excerpt from the novel » The palaces of Kolob «. At this moment El Salvador in the council of heaven will take the floor. Aribel (Lucifer) has been proposed to be the Only Begotten, destroying the free will of the plan of salvation.

The silence seemed to be a thick substance that had flooded that gigantic stage. At last the defender of the houses could be seen, who offered himself as a pedestal to withstand the extraordinary challenge of the star of pain.

Sculptor of premises

El Salvador in the council
He does not know how to face it

So far, Yahavhe had been someone brilliant, like all of them, but transparent to glory and notoriety. His house, Libel-Toban officiated in the stability of life, the defense against the vacuum from outside, in short the continuity of the will before the forces of dissolution, which permanently besiege everything. Hence, Yahavhe was a remarkable and unique premise sculptor. Without changing them, I knew how to present them in any sphere of creation so that they would be acceptable to each intelligence according to their level. Hence the universal struggle for survival, which obeys a mute and hidden knowledge of self-worth in the face of emptiness or nothingness.

The pure intelligence of the dark ocean trembles before the void, it does not know how to face it. That is why the pacts with the lineages lead to their fertility, in such a way that life expands in its infinite varieties, beyond its limits filling the immensity of space.
Yahavhe, so to speak, helped the shy and simple intelligences to believe that by obeying these premises, they could flood a small sphere of that wild space, filling it with the light they carried.

The officiating of the North dome allowed him to get up close to the whirlwind of knowledge and life that converges from the points of that star to the center, in the dome and from there, in a gestation shared by countless schools, sections and equipment disrupters and officiants to direct those initiatives towards the dark beaches.

The master scrutineer

The saivor in the council
Master scrutinizer of the three directions

As a master scrutinizer of the three directions he was remarkable in his anticipation of becoming, that is to say, of the consequences that there were in the intervention of the houses. Something like the butterfly effect, but on a much larger scale.

He, in agreement with the other three officiators of the dome, their schools and teams, ordered that enormous traffic of initiatives and managed to ensure that order prevailed in those plentiful rivers of life that flowed into the central dome, the brilliant abode.
For this call it was a necessary condition to be a master scrutinizer of the three directions and very few had that capacity among the first. Favorite son, was a title reserved for those, who for their services, had won the consideration of dense beings and that was not easy. At the proposal of these they presented themselves to the houses. Once weighed its merits granted this award that granted its owners privileges, such as freely access the dark beaches or temporarily officiate as a formless prescriptive.

Yahavhe, I take the place that Aribel previously did and spoke.

The offering

— Great Gnolaum, my father, I am Yahavhe, my mother is Libel-Toban. It was his beautiful face that I first saw in this world. From his hand I learned to know the light of our lineage and the wisdom of my father. I contemplated the vast solitudes of Kolob with my older brothers and from them I learned obedience.
I will go to the dense places. I will pay to the obscure the price of the ransom, I will content his demand for justice and the terms of the covenant. I will fulfill your will, and the will of the houses and yours will be power and honor.

The saivor in the council of heaven
Great Gnolaum, my father, I am Yahavhe

His brief exposition corresponded to the fact that the plan of redemption was known to all, the only unknown element was who was going to execute it. And that was already revealed. No one of those who presided over the council did ask questions. Not so Aribel, using his right to speak at any assembly as one of the first and favorite son.

— Allows you to express my admiration for your disposition, dear brother, I only ask you one thing, what will be the cost of that feat? How many of those who are present today and who listen to you this day will be lost forever?

The question full of intention appealed to the fears of the billions, was in line with the campaign that Aribel had initiated long ago. I already touched fibers that were already sensitive. Aribel, considering Yahavhe, only a competent official, locked in his works, without high aspirations, expected the answer that everyone always heard «many will be lost» .
And he replied.

— Not one will be lost while they keep their first and second state.

The commotion

The commotion that these words produced throughout the present audience could not be described. To the point that a murmur rose, like a small muffled roar. Even the presence of the Great Gnolaum could not prevent the exclamation of hope from coming out of each throat.

The saivor in the council of heaven
a murmur rose, like a small roar off

No one thought of rebelling in any state. That meant acting against the light received. To save a state was no longer a question of the amount of perfect obedience, but of not rebelling against the light or knowledge possessed. To accept the knowledge received and to act in justice. That changed everything, but the more feasible the higher option was, the price that would have to be paid.

Aribel stepped forward to where Yahavhe was, he wanted to see up close who was facing.
His followers said, the salvation movement, that Aribel was the first of all, a secret jealously guarded by a few. They said that he was the first of all, the master of all, the forerunner, the morning star.
And yet there was that boy, saying things of a weight he did not know, a weight that would knock him down like a pretentious spike that said he could bear the weight of one of the twenty-four palaces of Kolob. The most incredible thing of all is that Yahavhe hurried the plan of the houses to his last possibilities. I would pay the maximum price to rescue the maximum number. But the maximum is not all. And that’s what I take advantage of in the reply.

The replica

— Save the first state … we already do it. Look at us, we are here …

The saivor in the council of heaven
The Councilor of the South, came forward and raised his hand

As he spoke, he turned slowly looking at the crowd, losing his composure due to where he was. Aribel continued speaking.

— … we keep our first state. Save the second? In dense sites do you mean? Well, how will we do that if we do not know who we are? In the eyes of anyone, in that world, we will be just matter. Will our knowledge be available to everyone in each era? No, you know not. Will we all come back here? No, you know it. How can you say: not one will be lost, if that decision is not yours? You know, the position is your axis. Oh! Yes the free will, who is against him. Did I say to destroy it? No, I only propose its controlled use, so we will avoid that pain and suffering are the real axes of our brothers’ lives, where they will go.

The South Counselor came forward and raised his hand demanding silence and spoke

— I remember Aribel where you are. This is not a debate. We inform the Great Gnolaum of our proposal. You have clearly exposed your offer, now we will listen to what Yahavhe has to say

Aribel remained silent, took a step back, but did not return to his place. Things were tense in the auditorium. Yahavhe took the floor.

The plan of the houses

— Certain counselor of the South, however your questions may be that of many of our brothers and if my Father gives it to me, I could clarify them.

The saivorin the council of heaven
Nobody will return to the dark ocean

The counselor turned to the central presence and nodded in the request.

—Nobody will return to the dark ocean— continued Yahavhe—, no one will lose the identity that he got here. That is the plan of the houses and that I intend to fulfill. Our conscience is the flame that ascends in the darkness to give glory to our lineage and in passing provides joy to those who carry it. That will happen. What do we miss?

We grew up knowing that one of us would pay for this to be the case. We already knew that the justice of the dark is implacable and says «He who disobeys must return to the dark waters» We knew that after the veil in our memory, many would be lost in strange ways, even forbidden, there in dense places. That there would be opposition and pain. Death, disease, wars. None of that is new to us, but that is the school of lineages, the forge of the gods, the furnace of intelligence. This has always been the case.

Aribel asks me, will we all come back? And I ask at the same time, we will return to where? Are we all in Kolob in the same place? I know crowds who never go to the houses, who do not belong to a school, who only know about hearsay about the noble disciplines. Do we all live in the same place even when we live in the same world?

The lineages

The saivor in the council
The drops of the dark

The lineages do not force anyone to rise or descend. Each intelligence takes the place you want. The drops of the dark come to the call of the changers, but only those who want to jump to the foam that is beaten in the presented project. A beautiful flower, it is because he wanted it, because he was seduced by that possibility. And we went and ascended to the top because we heard and saw our parents calling us from their hidden abode and we knew that that was our name from the beginning, from that dark and timeless place we always await their call.

The plan of the houses, provides each intelligence the opportunity to dominate and expand in dense places and there take the place you want, no matter what it occupies here. And in that way dominate the elements with our intelligence that, in those places, will be a living soul.

Yahavhe, stopped for a moment and looked towards the floor of the auditorium.

My mother, Libel-Toban

The saivor in the council of heaven
my mother taught me, Libel-Toban

The expectation was general. We had never heard such a simple and yet so clear exposition. He continued to speak confidently and calmly.

—Regarding free will, let me speak now as a teller of the three directions.
In each creation, its guiding axis becomes the field of contention. Free will will be the battlefield in dense places. And that will be familiar to us, because it is in that directing axis, where we have grown from before being formed. It is that freedom that prompted us to ascend in foam. There must be continuity in that movement, otherwise there will be a lethargy in our progress. We will fight in dense places to maintain the path of our first state and that will be in tune with our substance.

If I’m sent, I know I’ll have to drink a bitter cup, yes. Support the weight of the fall of an arch. I will have to absorb that shock wave in the center of the pain star. Expel the faults of my brothers abroad transformed these into rich knowledge for the dark. To move the intelligences to mercy and allow them to rise. But for that we were prepared from the beginning. It was expected that one of us would do it.

Yahavhe, he paused. Weighing the huge load he was talking about. And now a shudder appeared in his expression.

— … and I hope that being of his own flesh in dense places, being his son according to the dense body … that will be enough to support everything. Well, he is the greatest … so my mother taught me, Libel-Toban, and tell me, all of you who know her … who could look at her face and doubt the words of her lips?

I will send to the second

The saivorr in the council of heaven
It took a lot of guts to set out

Once he finished speaking, there was an eloquent silence. Nobody had known him until now. His lack of notoriety had made him transparent to the majority, but now he showed himself with all his lucidity and determination. It took a lot of guts to pose as a lamb for a sacrifice of that size. One for which a special body was necessary, different from the rest. A body of the lineage of the Great Gnolaum himself. But the price to pay was of such a caliber and the magnitude of the debt was known in such detail that it profoundly affected in many the impossibility of carrying out a plan that pivoted on a single grain of Kolob’s sands.

The Counselor of the South stepped forward again and both Aribel and Yahavhe remained standing in the presence of the entire family of Kolob.

— Now I demand silence, because we will hear the voice of the one who brought us to life. We will listen to the voice of the Lord of the armies of heaven and its inhabitants, who will say what will be done.

I have never been able to remember him, because the veil prevents me. But I keep the sweet and peaceful voice inside me. A mature voice and young at the same time. I could almost say that humble and penetrating that burned my soul like a torch. I never understood how any discrepancy did not dissolve when he heard his words. I think it was the strong wind that blew over Kolob, which fanned another flame in many breasts, the flame of ambition, that of power and glory.

I do not know if he got up to speak, I do not remember anything from that moment I just heard him a sentence.

— I will send my beloved Yahavhe, he will save the works of my hands

The beginning of the contest

After his words, the tubes burst forth with an indescribable roar, which made every attendant to the council tremble. It was as if a gigantic hand sealed on the very ground of that place the sentence of his will. Reverberate the center of the auditorium from the focus to the Madán circle. Everything became a source of light that expanded to illuminate more than all Kokaubean attendees.

Aribel and Yahavhe withdrew. This one with the same expression as when arriving. That, too, however, his fists, clenched, sent a different message.


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