The rebellion of the heavens

— Introduction —
Finished the council of the skies and rejected the proposal of Aribel (Lucifer), begins the movements prior to the war. It is interesting the previous reading of previous chapters, El Salvador in the council of heaven  and the  council of heaven, Aribel proposal. 
Now we listen to the reflections of Kozam, assistant to the council and the events that come after it. The salvation movement, the head of the rebellion, continues its plan since long before.


Propaganda of the salvation movement

The rebellion of the heavens
We will be after you

As clear as Yahavhe’s intervention was , the previous work of the salvation movement settled with surprising strength its arguments in the minds of its members. In such a way that they did not find the key terms in the proposal of the houses. The words «for sure» , «all» , «will not miss a single one» , «we will return together» , «we will remember and we will know» . All this had crystallized in such a way in many, that any other argument stumbled on the translucent rocks that were in their minds. Giving them the sensation of reasoning, when they only received the impacts of that crystalline swarm of petrified words.

The salvation movement became more and more an avalanche endowed with powerful words like «we are all equal» which was an evident truth, only that they used it in the sense that we should all have the same destiny. As for the personal achievements, they defended that they are the result of the constitution of each one and that, therefore, we all have the same merit. Since each one achieves how much or little there is in his inner nature. And since that inner nature has been extracted from the dark and endowed with self-consciousness by our parents, we can not exclude anyone for something that is not responsible.

We will continue to your side

Another phrase that stuck to the common understanding was «we will continue by your side»circulated from mouth to mouth and very well could belong to the redemption plan of Yahavhe. However, the dense network of active followers of the movement seized the words and modified their meaning. We will continue to be by your side not in an inspiring way, or by ministering dispensations of knowledge throughout history as in Yahavhe’s plan. They wanted to say «we will be after you» because they would not inspire behavior in dense places, they would mark their inhabitants closely and make sure that the axes remained in their unnatural position and did not return free will to recover the elasticity that is natural to him. They would jealously guard that tree from the garden in an unknown place.

The apparent firstborn

The rebellion of the heavens
The cause of the birthright

It was extraordinary to see that kind of permanent hunters that became the salvation movement. And for more effectiveness, his best weapon was born. Word spread that Aribel was the first, the son of the morning. They said that modesty and prudence had kept this secret information for the sake of equanimity in the proposals. They said, so as not to create false rights by virtue of order at birth. Only the first hundred were known. But the data came out and nobody denied it or confirmed it, therefore, it happened, by the way.

Therefore, the cause of primogeniture, joined the battalions of distorted words and ideas. And where many did not fall, that is, they were not seduced by the rescue squads and their arguments spread like a stormy wind. These, surrendered to the noble cause of the rights of the firstborn, the ousting of Aribel by the «young and inexperienced» Yahavhe, who although he was brilliant and prepared (they made in these qualities a lot of emphasis) did not have the sufficient experience that gives to be first. And in this way the novelty, of being Aribel the son of the morning, became the first of his arguments.


The cracks that emerged in this proposal, well that was analyzed with tranquility were many. In the end they tried to change reality, by simply stating their doctrine. All his base was in which Aribel, got to be a son of direct lineage of the Great Gnolaum according to the dense body. Aribel knew that this was the key to officiating with authority, both in the dark ocean of matter and in that of intelligence. That without this key he would not obtain the power nor the honor of the Father, guarantee of collaboration of the intelligences. What I and many of us wondered was how this would happen if the Father did not want to. Very soon we were going to find the answer to this question.

On the other hand, they supposed a priori that once the dense bodies were obtained, at least that of their paladin, they could alter with the dark one with the new premises. After all, despite my admiration for them, I did not see many guarantees that this would happen.
However, all the cracks were closed by the best ally they had. Fear, which made sudden appearance, the day of the detachment of the bow .

The indecision of Kozam

The rebellion of the heavens
I was in no man’s land

To understand the inconsistency of Aribel’s plan, I did not opt ​​for the other part. I was in no man’s land, my usual place of residence. From there to expect that the colossal and incredible work of the redemption of the bow depended on a single person (Yahavhe) and a moment of time in dense places, it seemed so risky to me that it was impossible, that I did not understand how to propose something like that .

In this case, if Yahavhe failed, if at the key moment he backed out. Something that fit as much as possible and some said that the probable. I say that, if that happened, everything would fall apart. And say everything, that is to say too much. Everything would be to return to the dark sea of ​​consciousness, to return to the quarry of intelligence, all the material that our lineage would not have been able to save from the dense sites. This possibility froze anyone’s soul, dried any throat and demolished any face. Our lineage played its honor and we self-consciousness as human, which is the most precious acquisition that an intelligence can possess.

And the worst of all is that we had no reference to the previous arcs, that knowledge was sealed. That is why Aribel in his proposal appealed, I would say desperately, to the experience of the external lineages. We all knew that the experience of a different lineage could not be used as a reference. But fear is really condescending when there is no other place to go.

Corina knew about my hesitant situation and tried to help me in the direction of the house plan. But in Kolob you could not force a smile without disturbing the air next to your skin. I could not simulate anything that was not my permanent equidistance with the proposals of each party.

The shot of Middiani

While we commented to each other, ad nauseam, the beautiful forms and aspects of our work project for Silam, I could not help but be perplexed by the loneliness of Yahavhe’s plan of redemption. So much solitude in the execution of his work and so extremely difficult to endure, yes, how difficult to endure no one knew. But the suffering should be such that even he, even by then the greatest, if he arrived at that time, would suffer both in body and spirit and wish he had not to drink that bitter cup and faint. And at that point is where we all felt as if invisible walls were rushing over us until we were reduced to nothingness.

The rebellion of the heavens
They have taken the center of Middiani.

While we were walking excited as children, Misón reached us through the third arch. He seemed nervous.

They have taken the center of Middiani.

We stayed the same, that phrase did not make sense to anyone.

«I see,» said Misón, «the same has happened to me. They had to explain it to me several times. I repeat, the salvation movement has taken the center of Middiani. They have been installed in many pavilions and something similar is happening in all the exhibition centers of all the houses. Do you understand?

It was not easy to understand it the first time. I just managed to ask something elementary.

What do you want … Middiani? That is huge. What will they exhibit?

To exhibit? – Misón seemed impatient – they will not expose anything. They will show strength and they are doing well. They come from everywhere to listen to their plan of salvation. They are well organized, they do not have a school and therefore do not have an assigned area in Middiani, what have they done? They have thrown out those who were there and they have taken possession of the whole central area and they are spreading outwards.

Believe the incredible

That went out of all logic. It was difficult to ask a correct question and I was afraid to exasperate Misón, who already was in fact. Corina went on to ask the question that was predictable.

Why did Middiani leave if they were in their assigned places?

I nodded, because the question was one of total logic. Misón, then, could be a little calmer. We had reached the point I wanted.

Because someone arrived who nobody could oppose and gave the order to evacuate the pavilions.

For all the stars, Misón, now you are the one that exasperated me – I said really impatient – Why did they pay attention to something like that?

He looked at us very serious and worried

Aribel gave the instructions and took the pavilions for his salvation movement. Who would refuse? I would have left at once.

Something new

the rebellion of the heavens
They say that Aribel has been ousted

It is difficult to understand something when you have no previous review, when there is no reference model. Then you have to form a new kind of object in your mind. For that you need to recognize that your world was not complete, it had been built on truncated bases. And there was half the population of Kolob, coming en masse to hear a proposal rejected in the grand council by the very Grand Gnolaum, rejected by the mothers of all the houses and their councils, vetoed by the circle Madán and the four councilors . There was the salvation movement appropriating Middiani to expose its fruit. A fruit excluded from Kolob and its bows. How to call that? Misón looked at us, following our expressions of uncertainty and waiting to hear something from our mouths. But Corina and I looked at each other perplexed.

But that’s … Aribel’s proposal was rejected.

Misón left his scrutinizing gaze and entered the conversation again. Which I thanked for myself.

Effectively, but I would add that more than his proposal, who has been rejected is him. Because something has changed now, the cause of the salvation movement is that of the firstborn. They declare that theirs is the right to realize redemption, of course they say salvation. To redeem you have to pay and Aribel is not willing to do that. It is a subterfuge. They want to change the premises, but as that is something complicated to explain to their followers and something little given to short sentences, they have opted for the cause of the firstborn. They say that Aribel has been ousted by a young Yahavhe, something easy to understand and that brings together the discontented …

Corina seemed to remember something and gestured for Misón to stop


Misón, do you remember a team at Bessast School?

A Bessast team? it can only be that of Tonad-Thur. They had problems with one of their trees. By the way, it was splendid, but I did not accept the premises.

The rebellion of the heavens
rejected the axis of hope

I could not help but be amazed and I asked

How, Misón, one of the creatures of Silam that does not obey? I remember you said to me: «our creations are very obedient».

Kozam, I also told you that some need different worlds. This was an exception and we all know it. It was studied and tried to rescue. But let’s not stay in the anecdote, I think Corina wants to tell us something.

Corina begged me to focus on what she was saying and not to seek a debate with Misón. Silam knew that we both had an excellent memory. I do not know how he did it, but all this he said with his eyes.

… I’m sorry I do not want to lose the idea. Tonad-Thur is a Bessast team that works on the premises boundaries. His creations always live in the peripheries of any system, hurrying possibilities. They brought a tree, yes, it was very beautiful, I do not remember what it was called …

Daryzade-Thur – Misón and his prodigious memory, I had to admit it –

Yes, thanks Misón, Daryzade-Thur had the singularity to accept the premises and to cross the window of intelligence, but once in Kolob he rejected the axis of hope. This caused that its movement around the present was not circular but rectilinear, like the creatures of Sinabea, Misha or ourselves. Since hope was not circular, it lacked foundation in his life, there was no such advance from the present that produced the movement of elevation.

They understood each other very well, but my expression must have been clear. I did not understand anything.

… oh, forgive Kozi. Without hope neither trees nor any creature of Silam ascends towards Kokaubean, they do not look for its light, that is the movement of elevation. I remember that a premises sculptor …


Corina looked at Misón and I hope, not in vain

the rebellion of the heavens


… thanks Misón. She tried to get Daryzade-Thur back to the premises he accepted when he was in the foam and ascended. But it was impossible, because he had flatly rejected that condition of hope, in doing so he lost the ability to focus on the rest in a balanced way. When Daryzade-Thur reached a certain height, it only emanated silence, transmitting nothing but emptiness and silence. Its crown tilted to the ground and its branches sank into Kolob seeking the light it rejected. That behavior was called rebellion, it had to be taken out of Kolob, to …

Outside? Where was it taken – I asked – why?

Corina, her eyes unfocused, seemed to be in that place she was talking about. Misón took care of my question.

That tree waits in a neutral place, a place called Shadoom, where it can not alter any environment, it expects a world that adapts to its shape. But unfortunately, in that place, there is no light that illuminates it, because to see the light you have to make the elevation movement and he has rejected it. He can not be in Kolob because he has violated the knowledge he acquired by accepting the premises, he has rebelled in his first state, therefore he can not access the second and he lacks light. Those characteristics are incompatible with life in Kolob.

But … but it’s so sad what you tell me!

Keep it right, Kozam – answered Misón – Daryzade-Thur if he were here he would introduce his glass to Kolob, he would writhe in his search. Our attempts to help him would mortify him. Our environment would only aggravate the state to which his decision has led him.

The rebellion

The rebellion of the heavens
For the palaces of Kolob Kozam!

Although my memory was not comparable to that of Misón, there were other things that I had in abundance. At that point I could recognize the simile between both situations. He also acknowledged Mison’s fear of naming things clearly and Corina’s elusive gaze when he betrayed his fear of establishing the relationship. However, I, being a regular of the edges, of the peripheries, where I would have felt very comfortable with the creations of Tonad-Thur, felt a certain pleasure in describing the threatening places that were drawing before me and I applied myself.

Then what we’re talking about, is that almost half of Kolob’s population has rebelled against the plan approved in the grand council. Is that right?

They both looked at me in unison and with an expression of consternation, as if my answer was to blame for the situation. But it was Corina who spoke.

For the palaces of Kolob Kozam!

When Corina got mad at me, she called me Kozam. Normally the reason was some inconvenience that escaped me or rather that I released.

… you can say things differently. The fact of losing a creature for a team is tragic. You talk about … about … billions of … of …

And I was not going to apologize for naming what they described so technically that they made me feel like a neophyte. I was getting tired of that permanent feeling. And I followed his same phrase.

From … of … billions that Middiani has taken at the moment, that do not recognize Yahavhe as chosen by the lineage and that they have Aribel on a pedestal like Pikamón’s column, and at its base it can be read «The firstborn unseated» . That they have thrown out the order of the schools in their pavilions. And that like Daryzade-Thur do not recognize the axis of a premise, in this case the agency, as the guiding axis. But these do not hide their cup on earth, they are welcoming millions of inhabitants of Kolob like little birds in their branches and feeding them their magical plan of salvation.

Light under the third arch

The rebellion of the heavens
He knew it, he knew he was going to be rejected

Their protests were silenced. And now they looked at me expecting more, because in the background they listened in my words to what they already knew and did not want to say for fear that reality would take shape by rising in their voices.

—... now I understand, now yes

And there was certainly light in my mind, in that moment all the pieces fit together.

You will never understand why all this movement before the council, I have always asked myself the reason for all this campaign of the salvation movement.

Now it was I who looked inquisitively at Misón and Corina

Obviously, if Aribel presented himself at the grand council at the same time as the candidate of the houses and requested to be the only begotten in the dense places, a simple not of the Great Gnolaum disrupted his whole plan … he would not have time to react.

I felt a great turmoil and began to go around there in the vicinity of the third arch , with the one of our era on the back, almost talking to myself, almost completely forgetting my friends. They looked at me surprised and asked me to calm down.

He knew, Cori, Misón, he knew he was going to be rejected, he knew. I had planned it. He went to the council with the veiled threat of his movement. He knew that the houses knew it. He tried and he could not. But that was what he assumed and now he’s going ahead.

Corina, she spoke to me more calmly, but her voice, which always fascinated me, seemed frightened.

But Kozi, where do you want to go?

A new creature

The rebellion of the heavens
they will lose half of their children

I thought for a moment of a little bird in my hand, vibrant and fragile, that was Corina at times. However, I decided to finish what I had in mind. After all they already knew it, but they refused to articulate it in words.

You yourself have said Cori, the fact of losing a creature for a team is tragic, and losing almost half of the offspring of the houses? Who could bear that? Could the father bear the imploring gaze of the mothers of Kolob without giving in to such a loss? Aribel wants to be the only begotten in the dense places and carry out his plan, otherwise, billions will hide his cup from the light of Kokaubean, they will have to go to a place where there will be no light to shine them.
They would have to live in that world … Shadoom. It would be the catastrophe of the fourth era, the fourth arc would be tragic. One was tinged with pain and loss. It is a mass rebellion, a challenge that we could never imagine.

Around us the crowds came and went. Many in the direction of Middiani, animated by a feverish excitement, their light footsteps and almost tripping over each other.

… in a few words or the houses accept Aribel’s plan or they will lose half of their children and that’s too much … we have not been able to see it in time. It is something new, a new creature called rebellion.

A strange calm settled in us, sated with answers came the understanding that, although terrible to our mind, removed the uncertainty. Corina asked again.

And the houses? I do not think that parents were oblivious to what was taking place. The Great Gnolaum knew it and the mothers too.

Yes – answered Misón – of that I am sure. No one can surprise you. But I have no idea why they have not stopped this from the beginning.

An underground roar

The rebellion of the heavens
Corina posed the key question

Corina posed the key question and it would be the one that would explain a lot of what was happening. I remembered Bisnan’s conference, the houses knew it, but his attempt to redirect the situation was subtle, so correct in the forms! Appealing to the reason to the agreements and the premises. The attempt of the houses even went unnoticed by my friends. On the other hand, Aribel’s action was determined, risky, resounding and shocking. It appealed to feelings unknown until the moment of the detachment of the bow.

He took advantage of the inertia of that mass of stone curved in the air, used the incredible roar of the stone to shout in the soul of each inhabitant that he had the way back, and now that he was the firstborn.

We remained silent, understanding the scope of what we had already named and described. That word adjudged to solitary and forgotten creations, that word of rare and infrequent application, known by few, rebellion. That word acquired in an instant the virulence of an underground roar that threatened to reduce our world to rubble.

We saw her leave the creation rooms, we saw her ascend from the dark beaches and take possession of half of our world. We saw it inflame the soul of billions leading them into the abyss or on the other hand leading us all to a strange world, an unexplored possibility.

Bad days

Making room in our minds for this new situation displaced the idea of ​​peace and order, of beauty, as the main aspect of our world. And already the red and beautiful sunset that was outlined on the horizon of Irreantum, suggested in our mind fateful days, where pain and uncertainty would rise around us like burning flames.

Corina approached me and put her arm around me. I shook it against myself and I felt as if it were a little bird, I was looking for a hole in my body where I could hide its grief.
The contest was approaching.

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