Kolob, the beginning of the war of the heavens


— Excerpt from the novel The palaces of Kolob. 
We continue with the consequences of the rejection of Aribel (Lucifer) decided in the council of heaven. Kozam describes the movements of the followers of the plan of salvation, disposed to rebellion against the plan of the houses. Continuation of the previous The rebellion of the heavens. 

In the lace school

the situation is alert

We received the order the next day to meet at the headquarters of our school. They went all the sections with their groups. All formed impeccably. But something was wrong, there were many holes, not all came and you could see the consternation of many group leaders and heads of sections to see how that strange doctrine had pierced what was always the compact and perfect image of the school of lace. To think that the schools were the elite of Kolob made us fear the worst by transferring the situation to the population in general. A background murmur accompanied this whole scene. Until Halim-Bean, the director, took the floor and asked for silence.

Dear officers of the lace school, we meet here today for a delicate issue and of serious consequences for all of us. I imagine that you will know the latest events in Middiani, the rebellion of the salvation movement and the consequent disturbance of order in Kolob. I know you’re all confused about what course of things to take from now on.

Well, I’ll tell you something: we will not settle in the controversy nor spend this time in the lucubration. From this moment on, the gaps in the teams and sections will be completed. Each section will form squads of fifty teams, organized in ten groups of five teams. From this moment the situation is alert. All alteration works are suspended and the creation rooms will remain closed. The instructions will be communicated through the usual line.

The direction of the practices of the sections and teams will be directly borne by the dense people assigned to our school. We will have information later, for now this is all.

The dense beings

temper my soul
Templar my soul

The dense beings were implacable with us. They told us that they were going to be hard times, where we were going to have to temper our souls. They knew that the battle would be without mercy. We got used to using platforms where five teams could be placed at any height. They were not necessary, because our light nature could be moved in any direction, but they gave exact reference to our position and therefore showed the exact location of the groups and squadrons.

Once the movements were coordinated and we adopted new formations such as routines, we began to understand what the purpose of all this was.

I began to realize that the example of Daryzade-Thur was getting closer and closer to our situation and that was gripping me. Tempering my soul with the idea of ​​expelling my brothers from Kolob to a dark and hostile place, made me tremble like a poplar leaf in the wind. Not only was it to expel them, but they would lose the first state and never access the second, that is, not acquire a dense body. My knees failed and my joints weakened when I thought about that. It seemed cruel and extreme to me. To such an extent I was distressed by this situation, that I requested to speak with Zhia-Couji, the dense being assigned to our squadron.
He did not know if his conversation was going to be warm and pleasant as on the occasion when he spoke with Toban. Circumstances did not encourage delicacies and we expected maximum discipline and determination.


He summoned me in the gardens of the lace school, in a gazebo dedicated to the truth. Surrounded by majestic cypresses, carpeted with the greenest lawn you could imagine. A fountain in the form of an ascending flame and made of red stone, raised the water like dancing fires. All made with an amazing dedication.


To my surprise, I was not alone, there was a group of about fifteen or twenty disrupting officers. Apparently he was not the only one with scruples about the task that was glimpsed.
Zhia-Couji’s appearance was extremely intimidating, his expression dissuaded him from wasting his time and if he asked a question, which he was beginning to dismiss, it should be very thoughtful.

Officers of Silam, I have accepted to solve the doubts that you can make before the circumstances make you faint. But you must know that the more knowledge the more you will be required. Knowledge is not free.

Silence formed around him, no one dared to ask the question that, I suppose, we all had. And in such a scene, always comes the best of me, I could not help it. Corina often criticized me, saying that if I sneaked into any conversation, big as it was, I would go instinctively to the center.

Dear teacher Zhia-Couji, I am Kozam of the house Jana, thanks to the hospitality of mother Silam I have the honor to officiate as an alterator in the school of lace, group of Misón. I speak in my name alone, although perhaps one of my brothers shares my question. Why expel Kolob’s salvation movement? We can simply defeat them and deprive them of the right to go to the second state. Why go to the extreme so painful for all of them to expel them to Shadoom? They have done great things for our bow, will we not have memory of it?

A question for Zhia-Couji

Zhia-Couji, meditated for a moment and prepared to answer. Speaking with one of the dense was always a shocking experience. The appearance of an inexplicable phenomenon could almost be considered, for we saw dense matter adopt the real and perfect appearance of a soul, in an enigmatic unity. It is difficult to explain our admiration to see someone master two states at the same time without effort, as an extension of their nature.

the cypresses murmured on high

— Your question, Kozam of the house Jana, is correct. Except in one point: I do not know if you would estimate me soon. I will make you discover and dominate, I hope, a facet of yours that you do not know and that is latent within you.

He turned his back on us and looked at the cup of cypress trees that murmured on high, moved by the wind. After a few seconds he quickly turned to us and asked.

What is the truth?

The question was not to answer, it was for us to think. After a few moments he continued to speak with his hands behind his back, taking short steps from left to right.


The truth encompasses four different things. It is past, present and future knowledge. The truth is light, because it illuminates. It is also the understanding of things. The truth is his understanding, that is, the order in our mind. But, among its properties, we have to distinguish between knowledge and light. If as I said before, truth is knowledge and truth is light. What is light?

Again he turned his back on us and let a short time pass, after which he turned energetically

What is light

we are like a small dark ocean

Although knowledge is related to light, and both belong to the family of truth, they are not the same. Light is clarity in knowledge, that is why light vivifies our understanding of things, light is the means by which we know things, otherwise, even if these things really existed, we could not know them. The light that shines and shines, comes through the one that illuminates your eyes, it is the same light that vivifies your understanding. That light proceeds the presence of the Great Gnolaum to fill the immensity of space ( 1 )

Light is the power of the Father, by it, it organizes intelligences and matter, for that reason the glory of our lineage is intelligence or light and truth. Its light illuminates the dark ocean and it rushes because it lights it.
So it is with us, In a certain way, we are like a small dark ocean, which approaches the greatest to receive truth and light. But the first step is obedience. If, even the dark one, is subject to the pacts and does not cross them on the beaches, should not we, too?

Zhia-Couji was taking a lot of trouble to answer my question, but it was clear that responding in that place would multiply its effect in a short time.

Remember the first teaching you received on your first terrace, that of the position «He who keeps his commandments receives truth and light, until he is glorified in truth and knows all things ( 2 ) one thing leads to the other. That word, even, prolongs the process and makes it necessary to go to the dense places. So we see that from obedience you receive truth and light and keep in mind that they are different things.

Our nature

there is something that you do not fully understand

Zhia-Couji stopped and looked at the tall cypress trees that seemed to communicate with Kolob’s sky his impressions of what was being talked about. His hands behind his back made him seem focused on what he was saying. A lot of which I did not understand until much later. Maybe something late.

… but there is something that you do not fully understand yet. But you must believe it because that’s how you’ve been taught. Truth and light are independent to act by themselves, as well as intelligence. Otherwise there would be no existence ( 3 ). We, the offspring of the Great Gnolaum, came out of the dark with a vocation for power and glory. Our nature is to organize, create and govern. But first we must obey, receive and grow in light and truth. But my friends, they are both independent, they can not be forced. They have their own free will. It is prior to all lineages and can not be created or made, just like intelligence.

When you went through the window of intelligence, it’s done a lot of that already. You were endowed with a portion of that light and truth, because you obeyed the agreement of the premises, but if you discard the light because of your disobedience, it will abandon you and the truth will be darkness in your eyes, tell me then will you force the light and the truth to lead you to glory and power?

Zhia-Couji acquired a serious and thoughtful countenance. He had under his influence many who were now in Middiani. We had all suffered loss of friends whom we admired and wanted.

… why expel Kolob’s salvation movement?

He turned back to the cypresses on his back, giving the impression of receiving instructions from them. However, I sensed a solid pain within him.

Aribel’s shortcut

… Aribel wants a shortcut to reach power and glory, but without going through obedience, the one of which he makes so much of a show by giving it the status of a guiding axis. He wants the Father to give him his power and glory, but he forgets that this power and glory is based on light and truth and they can not be governed except by persuasion, long-suffering and sincere love, never by compulsion. Therefore he and all those who accompany him in that movement of falling into the abyss, run the danger of losing that light that illuminates every being that comes to Kolob and enter manifest rebellion.

Once that happens there is no way out, there is no turning back. If Aribel and his followers remained here in open opposition to all covenants and pacts, against light and truth, they would be claimed by the dark for their dissolution and the breaking of the pacts with our lineage would be immediate. The only way out is to provide a place where there is no light or truth. Where the pacts can not reach them. Otherwise they and we would be against the order and harmony achieved by our lineage.

Ailam’s question

I will push you all to the black waters

A woman took the floor to ask

Master Zhia-Couji, I’m Ailam from the Perennial Polar school as a lump blender. I do not understand how Aribel does not realize what you have so clearly explained. How is it possible to continue in that direction?

Our squad leader, raised his hand and pointed up and told us

If Kokaubean refused to give his light, if the stars fell, could you find the way back in case you wanted to? When someone discards the light because of disobedience, gradually replaces it with a source that blinds it to the previous one. That source flatters his pride and enlightens him, making himself a light. And this Aribel, comes and strips the sons of the lineage of light and truth, through disobedience ( 4 )

The heavens will cry

Zhia-Couji became pensive and for a few moments spoke to himself.

Certainly, as in other places, the heavens will mourn the loss …

Returning to itself and before giving time to the question that arose in my lips it stiffened and acquired the tone and aspect that at the beginning.

— Well, our mission now is to create a one-way window, out of Kolob. As you know, space is a substance that we can drill. That is our mission or in other words we must expel them from Kolob or their salvation movement will push you all to the black waters.

Why I did not feel support in my legs. Despite all these reasons my junctures did not affirm with determination. Why I felt a weight in my chest as if I had stones inside. I imagined Vienzian and behind that fratricidal window through which I had to precipitate him, could he bear his face when he saw it transformed into a mask of terror? Vienzian and I belonged to my old group of Varanto in the school of the accesses, in the house Jana. He was quiet and reserved by nature, although in private, walking through the hills around my mother’s house, he showed a rich and reflective inner world. He liked poetry and often recited some of them. On one occasion he confessed his desire to leave school and the group and join the collectors’ society.


Vienzian was recreated in imagined horizons

These were travelers whose mission was to visit external lineages and their schools, to exchange ideas and experiences, catalog them and make them available to the houses. His work provided a point of reflection and helped us to have another perspective on things. They had to leave in conditions of great security, sticking exclusively to the objective of their mission. Always accompanied by a dense. Vienzian wished to know new horizons, had clung to a thorny trunk if it had taken him beyond the Cardesian belt, a group of stars close to Kolob.

The collectors did not enjoy the freedom of the shapeless perceptive, but they did have an idea of ​​the immense wealth of the external lineages. On the other hand, they could choose to pass something to the second state, to which the perceptives had to renounce.

Through his poetry, Vienzian recreated himself in imaginary horizons. I appreciated him for sharing his most intimate thoughts with me and I often wondered why he chose me. Now I realize that he and I were alike in a restlessness outside the general current. The affinity between us grew over time. In another situation, it is likely that I did not recall these moments of my life in Jana. However now they presented themselves before me, with all their cruelty, a scene in which I approached Vienzian and threw him through that chasm opened by us. How could he do it? What would you say?

The open wound in the population was reproduced inside each of us, because no one was free of painful losses beyond mere friendship.

My dilemma

For all this I suffered the unspeakable

After the last words of Zhia-Couji, I knew that I did not have the necessary constitution for it. The reasons for supporting Yahavhe did not give me the strength to oppose me to the end against Aribel. It was not a matter of reasons but of my nature. I understood that if mine, I caused so great paralysis in the matter that was planned, perhaps the Middiani, the same thing happened to them but in a different or opposite direction. In that way without giving me, he told me he was reasoning with the same arguments of the rebels. This left me so perplexed that I feared that Varanto’s joke, on a blow with the window in my head upon entering Kolob, would be true.

For all this I suffered the unspeakable. I did not feel with strength to look at Corina and endure how her eyes penetrated my interior revealing my secrets. He shunned the possibility of defrauding her. It tormented me to leave again, for the second time, the friends with whom I had had such pleasant experiences. Once I damaged Abiola, there in Jana and now I sensed that I would continue with a sharp trajectory in the universe of Kolob. My route was not stable like that of the planets, rather it was the trajectory of the shooting stars that, not according to the harmonious movement of the stars, cut off the light of their sisters. I understood that solitude was better when traveling on little traveled roads.

The vanguard of Kolob

I applied those days to the new task of focusing our effort on a single point. We were called to the vanguard, those who had to form a thick and impenetrable front. Immune to the fracture, without flanks that would yield. But before us would not be the dark ocean but an immense sea of ​​inhabitants. But dispossessed of that light of which we were told. However, endowed with the friendly features of the recent past, of familiar voices. I could feel Vienzian’s voice, his face always turned towards me as we walked through the valley of Deneng, feeling how he orbited his confidence around me.

The power of the dense

The dense ones came from previous cycles

The tactic was simple to understand, because there was no other possible. First of all, it was a funnel that surrounded them and once this was done, to pierce it in its end towards Shadoom. We had three main advantages.

A. The most experienced part of the schools was with us and therefore the effectiveness of the second step was assured. On the other hand the dense directed and advised us. A guarantee in our favor.

Two. The dense ones came from previous cycles. By cycles we understood humanities whose time had ended, in their case, in the exaltation of their human nature. The acquisition of a dense body for eternity. Even so they had a limit, they could not have progeny, for that reason, their mission was to officiate for the lineage they served in their first and second state. And still, how many of us would have accepted that with our eyes closed! We would have cried for joy, I would have run at the feet of my mother to keep her garden, I could not imagine anything bigger.

And yet they ministered in endless worlds as potentates of the greatest. We looked at them as fortunate beings, tremendously happy, safe from everything and with total knowledge. They had infinitely more knowledge than a perceptive and the power and majesty of a dense body. They enjoyed all privilege and had powers and mandates that we did not know. We only glimpsed, on the occasion when they directed us, we only perceived something of the domain they had assigned. Simple as doves, they kept a greatness within their reach. With his leadership at the head of our squads, no one doubted the victory.

The third advantage

The third is the one that hurt me the most and the one that weakened my spirit. Aribel and his family did not expect it. They did not expect the houses to be willing to lose half of the inhabitants, if necessary. Neither did we expect to reach the end of all this. But we saw that day by day our training hardened and the preparation was more refined. We saw a clear and determined determination on the part of the houses. That really started to scare us, because we realized that everything was serious and not to discourage.

As those of Middiani, Ald’nali, Endelia, Biarskel and other places where the movement was concentrated observed our movements and determination. They began to reconsider their positions. Then there were some desertions to us, but before it was on the rise, they closed their places of squadrons attached to their leaders. A work of indoctrination began to dig into their ranks as pivots of an immense building.

In this favorable situation, the unexpected occurred. One morning in Middiani something happened, that all of us who were in the audience and listened to Aribel, we understood.

A mountain called Cami-Olea

It was the offering of a loving son to his mother

A loud rumble, persistent and similar to the exit of our bow, made the earth tremble in Kolob. We went to the Stomoren region, in the plain of Ackque, in the vicinity of Middiani. A colossal mountain whose height rivaled the palaces, had come out of nowhere. That spontaneous mass, without vegetation, barren of life, left speechless to everyone who looked at it. Then we learned that the feat performed by Aribel had a name, Camí-Olea, his mother. Then I remembered the mention that Aribel made at Bisnan’s conference, of a pendant that his mother gave him, with an inscription. «Aribel the one who raises mountains» This episode of his childhood spread from that day like the wind among all the inhabitants. That detail of his life, was something of great value, was to access the first memory.

Esa montaña elevó la moral de los suyos a la misma altura que la cima. Nunca se supo de nadie que hubiese sido capaz de dominar los elementos de esa forma, a excepción de la familia cercana al Gran Gnolaum. Incluso muchos pudieron observar la expresión perpleja de algunos densos.

In everyone’s mind that prominence was reflected on the horizon. It was the offering of a loving son to his mother, with a message. I’m older, I’ve learned. It moved many to tears, how could we expel someone like that from Kolob. Someone who remembers an episode of his childhood and pays tribute to who saw him born. Others were moved differently by doubting their own capacity. Even of the dense, in throwing someone who was proficient in mastering the matter in a similar way. The sentences were extended like thrown projectiles, who can with Aribel, if the same Kolob obeys him?

A banner in Kolob

Two days later, a banner was raised on top of that mountain. A red star of twenty-four points on white background. And starting that day we knew that everything would come to the end and that there was no going back. That initiative, decided, of Aribel faced the houses giving to understand that they would not resign.

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