Interview with Minión, before the council of heaven

Before the council of heaven, Kozam has an interview with Minion. He is one of the first children of Kolob. It is someone powerful and recognized. Kozam is amazed to have that chance to talk to someone like that. They are mentioned together with Osimlibna, the tree of knowledge, the same one that would have an appeal in Eden. Minión has a proposal for attractive but risky Kozam

A first contact

Before the council of heaven
Thanks for coming Kozam

I headed towards the gazebo. I did not see her the first time Corina accompanied me, but there she was near Osimlibna. I tried not to spend with him the same as with violet flowers, but it was difficult to pass by his side and not contemplate in silence to that tree. Minion was sitting watching me approach and I was alone. Upon entering the meeting place, he stood up and shook my hand smiling. I felt overwhelmed by that sign of consideration.

— Thanks for coming Kozam. I hope you have not inconvenienced my invitation.

— Please, Minión for me is an unexpected honor. I recently met Aribel and now you. Many pass a bow and only see the first from afar and I know two in a day. I have reasons to reflect for a long time.

Minion looked at me closely, nodding to himself.

— They told me about you and they did not exaggerate. You are bold and clear in your ideas. There are not many like you my friend. Tell me how your experience is going with us, do you miss your home?

— Everything is new to me. I am adapting to my new tasks and if I miss someone is my mother Jana.

— Yes, the mothers of Kolob … nobody like them right? Sweet, affectionate and at the same time powerful and terrible.

It puzzled me how terrible . And Minion knew how to detect any elementary particle of an emotion in someone in front of him.

— Misses you?

— Well … – I did not know what to answer – I do not understand how terrible.

Minión smiled calmly, as if he saw a caterpillar stopped before an obstacle

The mothers of Kolob.

Before the council of heaven
powerful and terrible

— You will see in the beginning that my mother Silam commissioned Albitel to wear a living tunic made of the fabric of a rare species that flourished every few days. The garment was wonderful, who wore it remained in the fragrance of its tiny flowers, fine as hair, never lost color, it was renewed permanently and its tones and fragrances changed from one day to another. The tunic was a gift for the outer lineage of Baraam, one of the oldest and most exalted. We did not depend on them, nor were we related to their origin. But we stuck in the access to the dark sea of ​​matter. We could say that we drew water from the same well.

Our mother Silam thanked with this tunic the exchange of knowledge and experience with them. The mission of Albitel, was to take this present and return the next day, after accepting the hospitality of the house.

When he was introduced to the principal members of Baraam’s house, Albitel was as dazzled as a moth before the light. Sometimes we remember that moment and we laugh without stopping, he still knows how to put together the same expression that his face had that day, but we must insist that he does so. I assure you it is to not stop laughing.

Well, our Albitel stayed three days honored by our friends of the Baraam lineage. Amazed by the glory of its members. For the affection and attentions of the friendships he made. The peculiar and strange of his creatures. In the end he forgot to return. When he returned to present his report he tried to excuse the delay. Aduana, our Albitel, said that his prolonged stay was calculated to create bridges of friendship in the future.

The error of Albitel

before council skies
the most impersonal and lonely place you can understand

What really happened is that it left our house in a bad place, because the failure to obey promptly showed little discipline in someone who represented a lineage and the evident marvel it showed, in fact his face was the living description of someone else’s portent, for it diminished our own glory in the eyes of others. Our mother sent a perceptive with a sealed message. Upon opening, he was invited not to return until he was sought. His smile disappeared immediately upon learning that he would be accompanied by the messenger to the dark edge of the ocean of matter.

I know that you have been to the dark beaches and that you have felt the dark gaze challenging you to show who you are. I assure you, that’s nothing compared to where they left Albitel. In that place there is nothing. Imagine the loneliest place you can, because even there, you are not alone.

You are accompanied by intelligences, small and simple, but they are there, they compose the air, the stones, the sand … Albitel went from being in a paradise where he was the novelty of the moment; to support the most impersonal and lonely place you can understand. At the bottom of our soul there is always a permanent thirst to perceive, to interact with the outside. Even the loneliest person can establish a relationship with water, air or light. And without knowing it, he will never face complete solitude. That thirst to interact is implicit in our nature.

Your punishment

Albitel walked like a thirsty for a long time. He could not converse with himself, for his spirit resembled like a willow planted in a scree. That event was for us a reminder of what would happen if we neglected our obligations.

When he returned, it had to be rebuilt. He needed a reeducation, nothing remained intact in the saved his memory. When we asked him about that experience later, his face transformed into a neutral expression, almost lifeless. We never did it again, nor did he mention it at any time.

Why do you tell me that

before council skies
Divinity is based on obedience

There was silence between us. The sound of Osimlibna’s branches surrounded us in the background as they were caressed by the breeze that blew. I tried not to show my daze at that story, because while I was telling it, I had put a face on Silam, that of my mother Jana. I could not accept his image in that story, cruel from my point of view. But Minión was someone who read the soul and understood my situation in every detail.

— Young Kozam. Divinity is based on obedience. There are many kingdoms, but all obey. Albitel had to learn that lesson.

— Why are you telling me this?

He looked at me satisfied, as if he were a neophyte who performed his tasks well.

— That is a correct question. And it deserves a clear answer. I’ve told you this story so you understand something. First so you know that the lineages have two faces the beautiful and the terrible. And second, so that you understand that obedience is crucial and disobedience, when the time comes, is punished very severely.

Minión masterfully handled the silences, gave time in them to analyze the ideas and that is what I was doing at that moment when asking.

— I think there’s a third reason, is not it?

He smiled again and I knew he was right. Then he pointed to Osimlibna.

— I think you already know, is not it?

—Yes, it’s one of the first things I saw when I arrived in Silam.

Minión looked at me seriously but with a mock reproach.

— Do not call him something and less being so close.

Minion’s humor was difficult to detect at times. And even more in matters that I did not know.


— Osimlibna is an exalted being, it was not created in the first arc. He came with them, the dense ones, before Kolob existed. It has a tree shape but it is not in the strict sense of the word. He just fought to be what he is.

before council skies
Osimlibna is an exalted being

I did not need to say that I did not understand, because Minión scrutinized my face and knew if I accompanied him in the exhibition. Suddenly his face lit up with a smile from ear to ear. An idea crossed his mind, not that I could also read, but something knew about emotions. Even so, I did not forget that what I was going to do or say was the third reason I expected. He got up and told me to follow him in silence.

We headed to the base of Osimlibna, wide as ten people holding hands. And to my amazement, Minión began to climb up its trunk towards the branches. While he was doing it he laughed in the most fun and natural way I remember hearing. That impressed me more than the fact of climbing a being of that nature.

If someone told me that he had seen one of the seventy-two Kolob high councilors, climb the Osimlibna tree and make him laugh like a beginner on the day of his first exit to the terrace of the position, he would have believed that insanity had been introduced. through an opening in our world. But there it was and I saw it with my eyes. He told me to follow him and I considered it an order. If I did not focus on it that way, it was like asking for help. Without thinking much about what I was doing, I began to climb on top of an exalted being that already existed before I had a name. As to run away.

In the branches of Osimlibna

We stopped at the top of one of its branches where surprisingly we could sit without being fulminated.

— My brothers and I came here a lot and we did what you see now. Osimlibna is patient and generous. He told us we were his little birds.

before council skies
The light of Kokaubean materialized

The leaves of that tree were dense with an individual presence of each of them. They formed a complex and laborious society. Kokaubean’s light materialized visibly as he approached them, like fine filaments of a spider’s web. The entire surface of its leaves was bristling with light, like a coat of vibrant and sparkling nature. When our fingers came into contact with the leaves, the light went through us with a special tingle, flooding us with a warmth of special thought.

— Before we go to the dense places, Osimlibna will already be there, full of fruits. Each fruit will carry the possibility of knowledge for the dense inhabitants and will realize the virtue of free will. You see, only we, the children of the Great Gnolaum, will have freedom, but it will not be effective until the fruit of Osimlibna introduces us into knowledge, through a special way of thinking. Without its fruit, our free will will not have the possibility of becoming an effective freedom. When we eat of that fruit …

Only then

Minion paused and looked to see if I was in the right place for his talk.

— … then and only then, we can decide whether to stay a few days with the Baraam lineage or renounce the wonders that are before our eyes and return to our duty. And believe me, do not underestimate Albitel, he is disciplined until he came up with a test that he could with his character. That place I told you about, where my brother was, is just a small punishment for a son, something crazy in his youth. That he used his freedom in a naive way and having full knowledge of who he was.

Young Kozam, there will be no exceptions. Disobedience is punished harshly, there can be no exceptions, otherwise only one of these would raise in rebellion the entire Cosmos.

A handful of sand

Osimlibna, oblivious in appearance to our conversation, murmured with thousands of small voices created by the evening breeze. I felt uneasy because I sensed that all those annoyances that someone like Minión was taking was to ask me for something. And I was about to do it.

before council skies
only a handful of sand on a beach could return

— Many of us are willing to present an alternative plan in the grand council. We have studied it carefully. We have many supports and by saying many I mean almost half of your brothers.

I could not believe it. It was not possible, they were too many. Minion noticed my alarm.

— … I see that you find it hard to believe. But only a handful of sand on a beach could return successfully and that many people feel. With our plan maybe a handful would be lost. The difference is made by a new conception of the premises. We are going to propose its rotation and the focus will be the main one. The approach would have ensured that Albitel had returned the next day, duty would be the axis of his life, not free will. We will need some who remember everything to direct the plan, to be our leaders and you have been proposed, Kozam, to be one of them.

— But there is a factor that you are not considering Minion …

He smiled when I spoke. He gave the impression of not being used to receiving an answer by someone of low rank. I did not do it for arrogance or boasting. It was my nature and Minion knew it and liked it.

— … you have not mentioned the decision of the Great Gnolaum, it could be different from your plan.

— Yes, Kozam, it’s a logical observation. But apply it yourself. We have half of the population in our favor, forgive almost half, some do not accept to give their touch on the inscription stone.

Support the cause

before council skies
We will go to his throne

He gave me a sympathetic look of reprimand, as if he had stepped on the flower of a garden.

— Touching the stone does not mean supporting your cause.

— Give your touch – said Minion – to the inscription stone, it means: I live in uncertainty and I want to hear something new that eliminates it. It means: I want to hear what I need someone to say. As the detachment of the bow approaches, many more will join. We will go to his throne , to the place where he dwells surrounded by his dense beings, who render him obedience and loyalty. We will go and prostrate before his presence and one of us will say: «Send me and I will bring the works of your hands and not one of them will be lost. Because they are your children, I will bring them all back, none will be lost. » And everyone will hear it. And the heart of the majority will long to hear from their lips the words that could be. «Go and do according to what has been said»

— When will the rotation occur in the premises?

— That’s why we’ve chosen Kozam, we can meet a person for what he does not know, few in Kolob can afford not to know that. The rotation will occur from that moment. For that, his power will be given to us, that is, the keys to access the dark ocean of matter.

— Does not that seem like a usurpation?

Minion started to laugh, but I could not do it. I was scared, I was amazed by my questions. The scene was most unreal. Mounted on a branch of the strangest tree in Kolob and talking about a usurpation of the kingdom. I could not laugh out of pure fear.

The new alteration

before council skies
Who will present the proposal?

— Kozam, I repeat, we will go to his presence and we will prostrate as his children and we will propose our plan. A simple no, will end the usurpation. It is not the first one we do, many times we have presented changes, ideas, plans some have accepted others not. The word no, is familiar in our ears in the same way that yes, it is also. We know how to obey, Kozam, we learned from young people.

— Who will present the proposal?

— I think you already know.

It was true, he knew it. I knew it since I spoke with him. It emanated security and did not try to pretend it. His leadership was born, an intrinsic quality born in the dark waters and brought through the window until this moment of our history.

— What do you want from me?

There were no laughs or detours. Minion stared at me and in a serious tone. He was once again one of the presidents of the twelve in the house of Silam. One of the seventy-two councilors of Kolob. A candidate for the Madán circle. One of the first.

— Tomorrow they await you in the vicinity of the second arch. Go to Pikamón’s colonnade, next to the sensible column. Ask for Melanto. You will try the alteration under the new premises.

My double nature

I felt fear, the sensation of a bow approaching my neck. A fine and delicate tie, but indestructible. I could flee at that moment, jump out of Osimlibna and lose myself in the crowd that was circulating everywhere. Protect me in my group, in Corina. Cling to them as the vines do to the ancient walls. Or, march in a straight line through meadows, valleys and mountains. Cross lakes where nobody has reflected. Find a lonely place and wait for events, being a null factor in all that equation that would soon be cleared. But even to the remotest place he would feel the howl of the earth at the birth of the arch.

But there was also curiosity inside me, desires to explore that mystery that was presented to me by the hand of a person of knowledge. My double nature put me back in balance on a branch.

Without precedents

before council skies
we have always done unprecedented things

Minion broke my paralyzing equilibrium.

— Kozam, it’s just a test. You can add it to your experiences.

— What if it fails?

— There will not be any dense.

— So Who?

— One of us.

— I do not know of any evidence that has been done before like this. There are no precedents.

Minion started to laugh. Apparently I had said something very funny, but I could not say what.

— Do not think I’m making fun of you. We have always done unprecedented things. We have never stopped to think if there was or not precedent in something. You will see in the lineages that I know there is none that allows access to the dark ocean to schools that are not directly founded by the houses. Only we allow external foundation schools to reach the dark beaches. One day we asked ourselves if it would not be better to encourage creation with the possibility that everyone could reach the end … do you know who proposed the idea? …

He had fun with the question and I was intrigued by the details of his knowledge. I shrugged.

— It was Diantha, from the Camí-Olea house. He told us about the excessive rigidity in the access to creation through the window. And he proposed something unprecedented not only in our lineage but in many others. We had to present a control plan for this whole initiative. The test room was one of our measures. It was approved, something unprecedented in the previous arcs. The houses were satisfied with our initiative, we won not only the confidence of the dense people who officiate in our father’s palaces but their respect. Actually Kozam all of us are the builders of our own destiny.

— Alter under other premises, yes, really something unprecedented …

New ways

before council skies
… something you can be part of

And he looked at me smiling with bright eyes. A penetrating brightness, capable of setting fire to the coldest of tempers in Kolob.

— … something you can be a part of.

I wanted to know new ways, I changed homes , something with few precedents. I was carrying it inside me. If he located a strange detail in any landscape, he often abandoned what he was going to do until he found out what it was. Sometimes it was exasperating for those who accompanied me. I had to go to the first terrace to see for myself the solitude of its landscape. And now I knew that I would try to see what was inside that hollow that Minion had pointed out to me with his finger.

— because I?

Minion pointed to the small branches of Osimlibna that swayed caressed by the breeze.

— Because of your flexibility. You are not rigid in the premises, you can conceive other possibilities.

If someone from my team had told me those same words, on that day, they would have been mortifying. Because there was none of them that was acceptable in an altering machine. Flexible, other possibilities, lacking rigor. Those words of Minión, broke inside me some master walls in which important things had always been supported. True, he had problems of conviction. But they were problems. Raising these virtues involved a sudden reversal of everything I knew. And as usual, contradictory sensations flooded me, on the one hand the feeling of abandoning my principles and on the other the praise of undertaking something unprecedented in the history of our world.

— I’m afraid of failing again. I already did it the last time, I was about to fall.

The master touch

before council skies
Then I recognized that master touch

Minion slowly brought his left hand towards me and placed it on my right shoulder. Then I recognized that masterful touch, of balance and security. He was there, on the dark beaches and I could not see him. Toban knew it and did not say anything to me. I shuddered to see how far they could move and alter the normal course of things. Even a classroom teacher, a dense being, admitted an irregularity of that caliber. The presence of someone outside the team and allow a touch of attention on the shoulder of someone who is being observed by the dark and is about to faint.

At that moment I began to trust him and to conceive the new proposal as something possible or in the worst case as an honest attempt to improve things. I looked at him in amazement and observed his calm expression and integrated in his powers. A complete and determined person.

We left that place and, turning my back on Osimlibna, I set out to meet Corina. Meanwhile, I felt how the gentle thrust was diminishing, which, by waves, emanated that exalted being in the form of a tree.

I walked slowly and reflecting on the change of structure that had occurred in me. I did not feel pain in the surgery that had taken place in my soul and I wondered what all this would end up with. He wished he could look through a hole at how everything would be once all the doors were closed.

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